Challenging the loaded weapons of language

Turning words into weapons

Welcome to my first Blog post.

This blog is officially opened with a stubby of finest Oz beer and a quote from an insightful linguist. The quote is to remind me to always check my brand of reality and of course the realities of others who want to influence us………

 “Our reality is a product of ourselves , in large part a reflection of the categories, moods and juxtapositions that our language provides us with or makes possible.” 1

1. Language the Loaded Weapon – The Use & Abuse of Language Today – Dwight Bolinger (1980)

My intent is to:

  • raise questions about dubious official narratives designed to direct public opinion
  • have some fun
  • lead readers to interesting places
  • help disentangle often simple argument designed to look too simple or way too complex.
  • have the occasional vent.
  • learn more, teach more, share more

This type of writing is often considered a serious thought crime, tagged as conspiracy theory or cowardly attacked by trolls, drongos and powers greater than me in order to cauterized dissenting discourse from the public arena. Lets see if if I can continue to think and if anyone cares enough.