Capitalism is a system that defines humanity by work but denies work to large numbers of people. Personal trauma and social malaise follow inevitably. Unemployment reveals this system as basically inhuman”i

It is.

But as I am currently unemployed I have time to write and probably even finish what I write because I am not wasting time at ‘the office’ writing stuff that:

  • gets ignored

  • is forgotten or

  • is up for reinvention immediately after the current boss is replaced.

Strangely ironic that I get to do what I want only if I don’t get paid for it. No malaise for me yet (till the rent simply can’t get paid). I consider myself lucky that I have a brief moment where I am not yet up against the wall.

I have been told “you always give people an excuse” meaning I let them ‘off the hook’ for bad behaviour. It’s right…..I regularly do especially if I can see a rational reason behind that behaviour of poverty or pain. This is not always the case, and certainly not for those people who fail to see my enormous capacity and give me a fucking job when I’m struggling to get the inflated rent together. No excuses for them!

Other people tell me (good friends who want to make me feel better about outright rejection) “you scare them; you’ve too much experience you will show them up! That’s why they don’t want you.” Utter bollocks! It’s just because people out there in ‘working world’ can’t spot commitment and substance when they see it. They probably also drink overrated wine, pay exorbitantly for it and fail to read the talent in front of their face because the side mirror is too close. They probably also go out for dinner with my landlord!

Though unemployment has been a short term problem so far, I have been deeply troubled for some time by events around me. I am feeling there is an equation out there somewhere that everyone seems to be missing and when it finally is revealed we will be reluctantly catapulted, from our ancient trebuchet  into the next Renaissance, where reason prevails, arts meet science and all our needs are gracefully met in a sea of true and tranquil progress.

Historically we have witnessed how those frightening days before such deep change are often defined by extremely bad behaviour at a state level. You will hear no excuses from me about this kind of bad behaviour. The one that is particularly disturbing is state sponsored terrorism promulgated by globe trotting creeps who self promote and attempt to cover up their vile machines of orchestrated death.

We are led now to understand terrorists are spawned in poverty, religious intolerance and restricted opportunity for education.ii I can sit comfortably with this proposal and do not see it as an excuse but as a reason when the shoe fits. The US Department of Defence defines terrorism as “the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.” Interesting use of the term ‘unlawful violence’ suggesting if its lawful its not terrorism…..

So when Qatar and Saudi Arabia calculatedly pay the poor, religiously intolerant and poorly educated to fight as mercenaries in a country that is not theirs ie Syria are we to excuse them? We can find reasons behind those who carry out the deeds but we should expose and never excuse powerful political beasts who knowingly sponsor these deluded men (and their sexual jihadi female partners). These meta tactics are drawn up with the full knowledge of the US and encouraged by the west turning a blind eye. The media eye remains blind until the acts of state sponsorship are so blatantly obvious the better media outlets can no longer ignore them. The US Israeli agenda is clearly, destabilise Syria and remove Bashar Al Assad. Promote the concepts of ‘Arab Spring’ and Syrian ‘Civil War’ and maintain the deafening silence in the media on state sponsored terrorism.

When the US supposedly froze assets of those supporting terrorism following the World Trade Centre demolition (read 9/11) they did so for reasons that were supported by a morality tale that went something like ‘if you pay terrorists then you are as responsible as they are for the tragic events that ensue’. So why not now? Why the double standard. Why not sanction, embargo or expel and freeze the assets of Qatar, or Bandar Bin Sultan from the House of Saud for promoting terrorism around the globe? Because they are equally responsible and equally guilty.

I offer no excuses, just more questions.

Old-school physical civil disobedience doesn’t get the narratives and images it once did in our press. Forms of protest are changing. Stronger forms of civil disobedience are required that challenge the ‘in your best interests’ secrecy of governments that abuse their powers and promote and collaborate with state terrorism agenda’s.

That also goes for the press that not only print word for word what they are fed by government press releases,but they even throw in their own spin to promote the opinion that if you think differently you’re ‘against us’. Those labelled as conspiracy theorists are considered to actually be conspiring (a strange conflation) at best they are mad and at worst, terrorists.

It is one thing to show a man he is in error it is another to put him in contact with the truth. John Locke

i Bob Gould: Open Letter to Kieth and Liz Windshuttle http://www.gouldsbooks.com.au/ozleft/windschuttle.html

ii Developing nations: Kim Gamel (AP) New York, September 23 2013