LETS JUST ‘SETTLE’ THAT NOW- There will be no collaborating or we move our cousins onto your property

1. If our settlement (read ‘occupation’) of the Indigenous people’s land of Australia was compared to Israel’s occupation of Palestine (our occupation commenced in  1788 and Palestine’s in 1948 -extended in 1967) and …..

2. our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples formed a Unity collaboration of Elders as one party to negotiate land rights and community autonomy and ……

3. the Australian government  then said to the ATSI group “if you’re going to do that we’ll have to put houses on Kakadu, settle people around Uluru and build housing projects anywhere else we choose, and……

4. the Australian government called the decision a “reaction effort” to the ATSI collaboration.


What do you think would happen?

This is how Israel has responded to the announcement that Hamas and Fatah are to combine to form a Palestinian Unity government in an effort to undertake peace negotiations with Israel.

AP News reported yesterday, “Housing Minister Uri Ariel said in a statement that the move was a “fitting Zionist response to the formation of a Palestinian terror government,” adding that the housing plans were “just the beginning.”

Tenders were issued late Wednesday for about 900 housing units in the (OCCUPIED*) West Bank and about 560 units in (OCCUPIED*) east Jerusalem, territories that Israel captured in the 1967 war and which the Palestinians claim for their future state. The tenders represent the final governmental approval before construction can begin.”

* My additions to deny Senator Brandis any memory hole allowances.