How a Bankrupt Egypt buys Israel Peace

I get Jonathon’s blog posts.. always a good read but this is really worth a read I believe we are all in danger of being exploited by the ‘power’ gangsters but this is really disgusting. I am sure he will be happy to share this with you…

How a bankrupt Egypt buys Israel peace

Jonathon wrote…”I can’t remember watching a documentary that, using a single case study, so
effectively strips away the political theatre we see in the mainstream media to reveal the horrifying exploits of the gangsters who run our energy corporations and political systems.

In Egypt’s Lost Power, Al-Jazeera have produced an absorbing 45-min film that, on one level, shows how a couple of corrupt businessmen – one Egyptian, one Israeli – with strong connections to their respective security services persuaded their governments to sign a deal for Egypt to supply Israel with natural gas at bargain-basement prices, a deal that now risks bankrupting the Egyptian economy.

But peeping out from the shadows are the real gangsters: US officials, members of the Middle East peace process industry, who are normally presented as the ‘good guys’………..”.

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