This movie is brilliant.

It manages to paint the pains of occupation and the complexities of human relationships in a setting hardly anyone can really imagine. Occupied Palestine.

The lives of the young characters who can see a life and a future despite their imposed prisons are portrayed in all their facets- friendships, young love, trust, jealousy, betrayal, courage, fear, loss, it is a story worthy of Shakespeare.

The Director,  Hany Abu Assad should be proud of this achievement.

If you get a chance GO SEE!

You will be enthralled, it has everything.

The lead, Omar is played by Adam Bakri he is fabulous and truly enigmatic. The movie has it all, his Juliet, Nadia (Leem Lubany), the apartheid West Bank Wall (played by itself except for shots of Omar scrambling over the top as Israel permitted the Palestinian filmmakers to shoot the wall, but not the top -a fake wall had to be built for those scenes) the Israeli agent Rami (Waleed Zuaiter) – an all Palestinian cast and crew. The talent is there.

Zuaiter and Abu-Assad want to create a Palestinian studio system—recruit and train actors, directors, writers—and finance more features.  Zuaiter and his brothers recently formed Z Bros, a production company to fund Palestinian cinema, he believes ‘Palestinian stories must engage non-Palestinians. The theme has to be more important than the background.’ This film IS engaging and the background compelling.

GO SEE………………………………..



  1. Yes I agree this film should a must see and think the entre Federal Parliament should see it and then they might change there position on the Israel/palestine Occupation? Perhaps by stop supporting Israel? It should be compulsory viewing for the Attorney General and the Government!!


  2. Hey Peter wouldn’t that be interesting. Methinks our Attorney Gen ‘BrandX’ would be hard to move as would others in our Govt. they would be as one sided about the film as they are about this and other situations worldwide. An exchange visit to Ramallah or Nablus perhaps with a homestay in a Palestinian family?


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