It has been a very long last few years.
I knew these years would bring challenges, so in some way I was prepared.

It was clear without a crystal ball that my body would start to let me down. Cars I’d driven had sent metaphors as their aging engines cried messages of despair in the form of woefully expensive, grinding and scraping noises.

I had also noticed I was becoming even more cynical as my naturally occurring questioning nature vocalised and was met with silence, sighs and sneers. Youth has its way of merrily tripping along without realising there will come a time when the smiling fresh face is gone and people are more ready to ignore, dismiss or even revile you. I recognised inevitably this was my path and there were things I should do to make it easier on myself apart from being more like a reed and able to bend in the breezes of my future.

I would need to push myself to stay in touch.

Particularly with the pace of technology, through continuing to learn and develop new skills to prevent me being left behind in a dusty technology museum. I was determined to try to keep up with innovations. Not those so called innovations that are merely a cover for commercial expansion but the ones capable of taking on corporate environmental plundering.

My drive to continue to evolve as a human being was tempered by a natural desire for less stress. The way I managed this apparent was to explore things that would balance the effort of striving to maintain relevance in a world that was becoming less familiar. Some of these ‘things’ were very familiar – I just got tougher with implementing them. I was clearer with the boundaries I placed on what I would (or would not) be involved in and who I would (or would not) mix with to prioritise where my energies would go. Others ‘things’ were those I’d always known about and maybe even dabbled in. I pressed on with trying harder at meditation, dragging out my pilates and yoga books (things that were old are new again) while maintaining a distance so as not to be “too weird” or selfist about it all. I couldn’t bring myself to ‘join’ a group for example that was just not me, so the internet was just perfect. This made me more tech savvy and gave me some great sites to help with the meditation.

But this was and is not the real challenge. The real challenge has always been to be part of a cohort called humanity, and for me on this level ‘it has been a very long few years’.

My ‘interests’ have clearly been honed by what has happened over this time. The seeds however were planted by nature many years before. Seeds of inquisitiveness, interest in ‘the other’, an innate sense of fairness and a capacity for flexibility. These seeds grew through experiences of a safe and nurtured childhood, free education, first world subsidised healthcare and ‘privilege’ – all this, in what I have always called an overtly unfair world.

From crying “But it’s not fair!” as a female, middle child between two boys, through studying Social Work in my 20’s to enable me to foster social change in a society that forgot its underclass, to actions in that same field, the last ten years has raised the bar on ‘unfair’. It has been the most challenging in terms of maintaining any hope about humanity’s capacity to evolve to a more peaceful, Gaia focussed, ethical planet species.

These last few years have been my most reflective. In spite of my training and work experiences where sound reflection is part of the business, I admit this is also the domain of ageing. To reflect honestly on yourself and your choices, to be prepared to be wrong, to be prepared to accept that things you took for granted are just that -taken for granted and to be prepared to leap, as the blank rune says, “empty handed into the void” of new life pathways is a goal worth working on.

Reflection about others is where it gets complicated. Looking at what is happening around us it hasn’t been rosy. One challenge is the changed state of mainstream news, a place where most people got their fact and analysis about what was happening around them, both locally and more broadly. I possibly say apparent changed state, because I’m uncertain how much of this observation is is a result of me changing and becoming more picky or grumpy as I age. In my favour I am supported in my belief that the media is more of a propaganda machine these days due to concentrated media ownership and the exposed corporate political and social agendas by many freelance journalists. At a local level, newspapers have become more like broadsheets with more ads than ever before (possibly to shore up dwindling sales). They are less likely to be read as the internet has grasped much of their younger readership. It also appears articles have less fact, more conjecture and are less likely to have any analysis at all. There is not enough space here to go into the state of the Murdoch empire, suffice to say I rest my case.

In the communication space that is the internet I find myself sucked into the matrix of trolls, shills and shots of cats turning themselves inside out. Where is this all leading? Why are people appearing to be so disconnected that they can abuse each other so blatantly. More importantly why do people appear to be so angry. The ‘one step removed’ circumstances of the net allow a vicarious relationship which does not necessitate being polite it does however invite the opposite. If you do not have to face any community repercussions and the worst that can happen is you are sent to virtual Coventry then who cares when you can tap tap tap your way back into someone else’s space and do the same thing again. The questions become What are my ethics? Where do I stand.

The incessant wars and stories of ‘evil’. The angels and faeries in pink tu-tu’s. What the hell is going on. Rational, constructive discussion and debate is pure gold when you find it. The destruction of rational humanity the fibre of what we believed was a ‘civilised’ educated advancing human net of security and safety without bars, locks, privacy documents, legislation, and the need to have a gun. Where the hell is it?

“Who will choose to go the route of total disintegration into the data stream?  Who will fight like a cornered wolf when they come to take you away?  Who will be happy to release all mortal concerns of the physical dimension of time and space?  Who believes that it is the very experiences garnered in this temporal reality that shapes and molds (sic) who we are?  Who is ready to give up on the flesh and blood?  Who is ready to die for the right to continue living as a human vessel?  The time is coming very soon when such questions as these will be answered.  One way or another.  With a screen going black and human destiny blipping out of existence.  Or with a bloody war in the streets”.
Zero Point by Scott Thomas Outlar / July 18th, 2014

The prose fits exactly with where I was going, thanks Scott. The sentiment of where your path will take you when such clear lines have been drawn. I blame Bush for this black/white “if yeohr nart with us then yeohr a terrist” talk. The us and them narrative that drove the last 13 years. My response was probably similar to many. Bush II’s stupidity was certainly unparalleled in my time, but the stupidity was believable. After all he was American and en mass we heard how ignorant about the world and indeed life so many seemed to be. Their geography was appalling i – Australia was Austria, their maths was singular, and for a people who want us to believe they sent the first man to the moon and back the recent finding that one quarter of them did not know the earth circled the sun was frightening.ii As George Snr’s son and another obscenely rich Texan. I suppose I thought his rhetoric could never take off, but it flew.
“Take sides.  Draw lines.  Prepare.  Civil uprising is nearly here.  Mass chaos is sure to happen.  All the cards have been laid on the table.  We see exactly what the social engineers have planned.  Some of us don’t dig it very much.  No me gusta.  We will ask politely that they stop.  But they won’t.  And so we will have to destroy them before they destroy us.  That’s the meat of the matter.  And the potatoes, too.  Wicked creatures will never cease their wicked ways until they are deader than a door nail.  If we must, we will accommodate them along the path toward reaching such an inorganic state of being”.
Zero Point by Scott Thomas Outlar / July 18th, 2014

I read this and I hear Israel’s behind closed door zionist beliefs surface more publically as they become more assured of their world position and shatter Gaza once again.

What I really believe is the difference between civilised, savage and oppressive humans is the civilised human does not kill his own species (or indeed other species perhaps), the savage kills because he sees less options and the oppressive human takes delight in the misery and pain of those who will not bow.

So with my body holding in there reasonably well, my mind is focused on dispelling the everyday myth dichotomy of “with us or agin us” and introducing the policy of naming and shaming the oppressor.





This is a poem I composed using the Fibonacci Sequence to play with the tempo. It is a rise and rise comment on the status of the Indigenous man in the Northern Territory of Australia. The number in front of the line is the number of syllables in that line of the poem. Don’t read it if you read poetry out loud (as I like to). The numbers form a Fibonacci sequence

With the current genocidal actions of Israel over Palestinians I am quickly brought back home and the parallels with Indigenous people in the Northern Territory of Australia filter through. Genocide too just gone about in a different way over time. Our way has been a more enduring story of Genocide started by a white man in a boat. The recent history for Indigenous Australians has been a sad history. This story was told to me by a guy I worked with. He had been waiting for a KFC order when a ‘long grasser’ (The pejorative for itinerant and homeless Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples in Darwin)  “just walked in” and took two cokes from the self server machine. It was the strength of the Aboriginal man and the power of realising the situation that occurred at KFC was so affirming of his rights that inspired these words.

0      …………….
1      Here,
1      Now,
2      Shadow
3      Shadow man
5      Waiting to be seen
8      A vision in his own country
5      Waiting to be heard
3      Shadow man
2      Hear him..
1      Now!
1      No
0      ……..
1      YES!
1      Here?
2      He’s in
3      Kay Eff See
5      Slips in, no money
8      Two cokes ‘in a cup’ from machine
13    Slips out, unquestioned, unperturbed, the black shadow man
8      Disturbed hunter gatherer man
5      And you were disturbed
3      You saw him
2      Yes you
1      You
1      Did

0      Zero
1      Zilch
1      Sat
2      Thinking
3      Wondering…
5      How dare he walk in?
8      Just steal without blinking an eye?
13    You stole. He saw you. He spoke to you too many times
22    Your ears did not hear, he was nothing to you- Shadow man in the night walks his land without fear
13    Remember when you called his home ‘Terra Nulious’
8      You behaved so superior
5      He was the savage
3      Remember?
2      Thirsty?
1      He
1      Showed
1      You
1      Up
2      He shared
3      Clean, cool water
5      When you were thirsty
8      Shadow man showed his water holes
13    You poisoned them. Stole his mother earth, Stole his children
21    Stole his future, ignored his culture, stripped his manhood, hunter gatherer, son, husband, dad
34    Shadow gathering, no shame. His action pushes you into your shadow. You push it back in your mind afraid to challenge. Uncomfortable?
21    Unconscious, dissociated, repressed what was once part of you, but the split caused pain
13    I am uncomfortable that he wanted a Coke
8      There are some fairly simple ways
5      To re-Integrate
3      Your shadow

2      Side
1      Shadow
1      Man?
0      ………………………………………………….

Let’s take a closer view of ourselves and our separate matrix. In 1971 the American anthropologist Nancy Lurie called native North Americans heavy and harmful public drinking “the world’s oldest ongoing protest demonstration”, describing it as a “protest in order to maintain the Indian–white boundary”.  and Anna Krien, in an article she wrote for the ‘Monthly’ in 2011 after observing the situation in Australia’s Northern Territory, “The nihilism that accompanies these alcohol-fuelled stories is a rejection of us, of this society…… The river of grog flows between us.” see here

The “theft” of the Cokes is not an act of nihilism its an act of anarchism and all power to KFC shadow man- next time maybe you will not only be noticed you will be applauded and someone will buy you breakfast because they will have integrated their own shadow.


SLOPPY IDF BLOG EXPOSES ISRAELI LIES is worth a look. The Zionist party line and hasbara is alive and kicking, spurred on by current travesties in Gaza.

New posts like;

‘Challenges of an Urban Battlefield’  where ….“The civilian population that lives within these urban areas is often exploited by Hamas, who who uses them as a human shield for military targets. The terrorist organization deliberately puts civilians in the line of fire in order to make it easier for their own terrorists to hide. They base command centers, weapons storage facilities and concealed rocket launchers inside civilian neighborhoods, sometimes even inside houses, knowing that the IDF is reluctant to strike densely populated areas.” see here

and ‘Live updates: Ground Operation in Gaza’ where……. these images appear, devoid of human content and looking like 4WD stickers –

IDF "Updates"this one from 20.07.2014 no mention of any deaths

IDF “Updates”this one from 20.07.2014 no mention of any deaths

The IDF propoganda site has come alive.

If you click on the ‘News and Analysis’ Tab (questionable terms for what you will find)  then scroll to ‘Myth Busting’ (they should apologise to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from the TV program of the same name as they are much less believable). The post ‘What happened to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza’? is the most revealing of the frailty of Israeli hasbara. (For a discussion on the meaning and current hasbara situation see here)

The post you find is from August 2013 and some attentive IDF IT updater geek has failed miserably in keeping up to date. This is obviously a massive oversight.

The death toll in Gaza has now reached 352, with over 2,600 people injured, the majority of whom are civilians, according to United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs. Among the dead are 70 children. With the reporting of four young Palestinian boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach, killed by Israel missile fire from the sea  just days old and the Israeli ground invasion and subsequent massacre of in Shejaia just yesterday, Israel is finally under more international scrutiny, certainly from non-mainstream media sources.

Netenyahu prefers to believe his own spin  provided here coutesy of idfblog . This includes one so called  ‘myth’ buster showing that it’s all play, play, play in Gaza, with plenty of food, from “pristine grocery stores” (despite the 7yr blockade). In their own words, “Despite what you may hear from the media, Gaza is not an “open-air prison.” This summer, Gazans are out in force, enjoying themselves in beautiful beaches and hotels, and doing their shopping in pristine grocery stores and markets heaving with fresh produce. Gaza even boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool.”

And check the happy beach soccer shot …………….

IDF site posts: Palestinians enjoy a day at the beach in Gaza City (photo 2011, post date August 2013)

Reality check……..


Palestinians carry the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City -Reuters photo

Palestinians carry the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City -Reuters photo

You are exposed Israel and the whole world is watching !

I am a Palestinian mother. Does that mean that I should be killed?

A famous Australian cartoonist's thoughtful view - Michael Leunig

A famous Australian cartoonist’s thoughtful view – Michael Leunig

Thank-you  for your post.

I agree, hatred does not appear from nowhere and there is a recognisable push from Israel to maintain their ownership of the Narrative about Palestine. This disgusting language of hatred emanating from corridors of power is a political, cultural, racial, and personal attack that incites further hatred it must be exposed, challenged and confronted for its criminality- Internationally.

Re-posted it below.

I am a Palestinian mother. Does that mean that I should be killed?.


Big thanks to two of my friends, Angela for your photo, and Peter for the written material from Fidel Castro’s office.

A good friend's travel photo of the ubiquitous face of Che Guevara on the wall of a house in Cuba

A good friend’s travel photo of the ubiquitous face of Che Guevara on the wall of a house in Cuba

An unheard of provocation

THIS morning the cables were full of reports about the unheard of news that a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane had been hit at an altitude of 10,100 meters as it flew over Ukrainian territory, along a route controlled by the war-hungry government of chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which has always stood in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and in the difficult days of the Chernobyl tragedy provided medical care to the many children affected by the accident’s harmful radiation, and is always willing to continue doing so, cannot refrain from expressing our repudiation of the action of the anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian and pro-imperialist government.

At the same time, coinciding with the Malaysian aircraft crime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where, over the last several days, hundreds of Palestinians have died, many of them children. The President of the United States supported the action, describing the repugnant act as legitimate defense.

Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David. As is known, young men and women from the Israeli people, well prepared for productive work, are being exposed to a death without honor, without glory. I am not aware of the Palestinian’s military strategy, but I know that a combatant prepared to die can defend even the ruins of a building, as long as he has his rifle, as the heroic defenders of Stalingrad demonstrated.

I only wish to express my solidarity with the heroic people who defend the last sliver remaining of what was their homeland for thousands of years.

Fidel Castro Ruz

July 17, 2014

11:14 p.m.


Mother of a Soldier – Protest in Chernivtsi Oblast, Western Ukraine, on June 20, 2014

This material resonates.

The critical reality of a grandmother’s observations includes:

  • Civilian call-up for a war they don’t want
  • Errors of reductionist labels and slogans- ‘Bandarovsky’ 1.
  • Govts. -that sit around debating hot air
  • A mother who misses her son
  • A child who asks where his father is
  • Media lies
  • Govt propaganda

Her comment…. “What kind of Ukraine are we building now? How many years we lived in peace! Nobody cared to ask if you were Romanian, Moldovan, Russian, or Ukrainian.”……could be said by a Syrian grandmother, where sectarian divisions have been introduced in the vilest way where it never mattered if you were Sunni, Shia, Druze, Alawite -many people didn’t care.

1. For an article exploring this ‘trend’ see here

Translated from Ukrainian by Valentina Lisitsa (@ValLisitsa) / Editing by Gleb Bazov

Video: Mother of a Soldier; Protest Blocking the Highway Near Mahala

Map: Mahala, Chernivtsi Oblast, Western Ukraine (Wikipedia Entry)

Mother of a Soldier: I am standing here for my son. My son was conscripted on March 26th. I don’t know his whereabouts. I am asking him “Sonny, are you ok?” He says: “I am ok”. I ask: “Where are you?” His only reply is – “in Ukraine, Mom, on the border”. That’s all, nobody tells me anything.

Why, I ask, why did they take our children there? Who needs them there, who? There are different people – some will not say anything, others ask our boys: “Why did you come here? You are a Banderovets!” Why do we send our kids there, if they are mocked as “Banderovtsy”? Why? Why the grown up…

View original post 480 more words

“Hello mushroom clouds, hello skynews”

Still trying to liberate himself from any thoughts that he may have caused this crisis Toe Knee Bleah, the Quartet special envoy to the Middle East has dabbled his toes and indeed his knees in shit once again.

Jonathon Cook see here  provides the following information on his blog, from Israel’s daily, Haaretz. see Haaretz article and pay!

This is how it goes-

  • Toe Knee Bleah first “coordinates” with John Kerry

Sat 12th July :

  • am Bleah flys to Cairo to meet Al Sisi
  • pm Bleah goes to Israel to meet Netenyahu

Then when Al Sisi and Netanyahu don’t get the details sorted …..

  • Bleah intervenes “on behalf of the Americans and the pair spoke by phone on Saturday evening.”

Cook provides what he calls “the key paragraph from Haaretz” (Which is good cos I’m not paying to see it!)

“Senior Israeli officials and Western diplomats said the reason the Egyptian cease-fire initiative was so short-lived is that it was prepared hastily and was not coordinated with all the relevant parties, particularly Hamas.

Cook points out that Hamas was never consulted.

It is BASIC in ‘Negotiation and Mediation 101’ that key stakeholders should be consulted and more importantly participate in the process – I ask again why is Toe Knee in this job?

He should never have got passed the interview stage. (Quartet = UN, US, EU and Russia did they declare their interest in his being ‘chosen’, did Putin support this? To be investigated further….later)

Cook says  “the idea for the so-called Egyptian “ceasefire proposal” was actually hatched in Washington, the messenger boy was arch-war criminal Tony Blair, and the terms were drafted by Israel. The intention was either to corner Hamas into surrendering – and thereby keep the savage blockade of Gaza in place – or force Hamas to reject the proposal and confirm the Israeli narrative that it is a terrorist organisation with which Israel cannot make peace.”

It is clear that Israel does not want the Gaza Blockade removed, nor do they want Hamas involved in any negotiations. It is also clear that Toe Knee  Bleah is useless but you would have to think that’s exactly why he has the job.

Blair skips along making peace...Hello mushroom cloud, hello Sky News [Sincere apologies to Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans  (both so talented and missed) ]  From the Molesworth Series the cartoon of Basil Fotherington- Thomas Basil Fotherington-Thomas. A weed and a sissy. He has curly blond locks and is prone to skip around the school girlishly saying "Hello clouds, hello sky".

Bleah skips along making peace….. “Hello mushroom cloud, hello Sky News”.

[Sincere apologies to Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans (both so talented and missed) for the use of one of their characters. From the Molesworth Diaries, the cartoon of Basil Fotherington- Thomas – A weed and a sissy. He has curly blond locks and is prone to skip around the school girlishly saying “Hello clouds, hello sky”.]

Cook describes the corporate media as swallowing Israeli so called “acceptance” and Hamas “rejection” of the ceasefire proposal and  labels it “depressingly predictable”.  All the more reason for our cynicism and  lack of faith in any politically brokered process, particularly one where Bleah is involved. Cook provides this analysis- “What Hamas did was reject a US-Israeli diktat to sign away the rights of the people of Gaza to end a siege that cuts them off from the rest of the world.”

He is clearly not an apologist for Hamas and his call on this situation should be clear to anyone with a simple understanding of recent history regarding this situation. The dominant line on the story “Israel will negotiate, Hamas will not” is what we in Oz would call a ‘furphy’, a generated rumour, exaggerated story or at its strongest a complete furphy, meaning completely made up. Cook reminds us “there is a long pedigree of such deceptions”. Israel is expert at generating what they call hasbara, a term described by (an Israeli blog) as “the ongoing ever growing national propaganda effort”. See here

Cook reminds us “It is reminiscent of a hasbara favourite: that the Jews accepted the UN partition plan of 1947 while the Palestinians rejected it. The reality – then, as now – is that the colonial powers sought to strip the Palestinians of their rights and their homeland without even consulting them.”

But of course Hamas is never ‘The democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people’ this truth is destined for the international memory hole. Hasbura also has a black hole where information that does not support the zionist agenda gets sucked out before it has a chance to enter mainstream media. Similarly the reductionist view of Hamas merely as an organisation simply developed by Palestinian ‘hardline militants’ to instill terror in the hearts of Israeli citizens is another case of hasbura. The welfare role of the organisation in support of Gaza people is completely ignored while the ‘terrorist’ label is so readily adopted. Even if it is a furphy it has a lot of ‘schtick’.

When the Hamas/ Fatah reconciliation deal was announced in April, Netenyahu stated see here
……Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier said Mr Abbas would have to choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas. You can have one but not the other. I hope he chooses peace; so far he hasn’t done so,” he warned.

This latest farce of ceasefire negotiation failing due to Hamas intransigence  is just another Bleah fest. By the way Mr Bleah, a search on the author of the Molesworth books  came up with this little gem :

“Emma Thompson suggests you read Molesworth – “The prime minister might revisit Geoffrey Willans’s Molesworth which is so illuminating about the character and habits of little boys. I am not being rude. Both president and prime minister have to deal with a great quantity of childish behavior.” see here

Not Least their own!

(Thanks Jonathon Coleman. Thanks Molesworth.)

And for those who want to access an awesome wordpress site with more on this topic – by Scott Creighton see here

Feed the War Cannibal Animal

F 18’s fly overhead every day now, morning noon and night. I hate them.

As a child I used to think I loved them, probably because my father was so impressed with planes. I can’t grasp now what my own ‘enjoyment’ was other than perhaps a vicarious joy transferred from his visible excitement. He also impressed on me his awe at the skill it took just to get a flying machine up there let alone to fly them. (He also said he’d never fly in a plane flown by a female pilot). The British Airshow Farnborough was always on our calender though I never went but we watched it religiously each year as it was televised.
female pilot
The issues of war and environmental degradation have brought me to loathe these flying beasts. When I add the noise of speeding heavy metal soaring overhead and screaming ‘All power and authority to the powerful!’ (and hopefully their allied minions) it makes me want to just disappear down a rabbit hole.

A quick internet search tells me the Farnborough Airshow is on 19th -20th July. Interestingly it has this offer on its website – see site here (I have put links that open in new window/tab press shift and right click)
Discounted Ear Defenders: We have a small number of ear defenders from the 2012 show available to purchase at a discounted price of £5 each.” 
Ear defenders?
Small number from the 2012 show?
Small number?
Left overs?
Do they not have any new ones available?
Do we have to look on e-bay?
…….BYO muffs to Farnborough.

I am reminded how fantastic it is that some residents of Sydney maintained their rage and ensured the introduction and maintenance of flight time restrictions on their airport to support the sleep patterns of the natives with an 11pm to 6am curfew on most flights.

But this is Darwin and here we go again……… Is it us flying above my head or is it the US?
We are told there are now 1150 US Marines on rotation in Darwin.

This article  ( 16 Jan 2014) in the Northern Territory News (A morning tabloid subsidiary of News Limited Murdoch network renowned for its sensationalist headlines about crocodiles and fireworks going off up peoples backsides) headlines “Uncle Sam wants YOU to go to Darwin, Marine!” The article tells us US Marine Commandant General James Amos told US congressional hearings that the Top End (euphemism for the Northern territory) was appealing to action-hungry soldiers, returning from the Middle East.

Action Hungry? I hope that’s not a re-framed version of PTSD without the mental health diagnosis.

General James told congress its about a kind of boredom relief- “The reorientation to the Pacific has just re-energised a lot of Marines as they think about (the withdrawal from) Afghanistan,” Gen Amos said. “We talk about Darwin, Australia. We talk about Japan. We talk about Guam. And their eyes light up.”

The US has clearly many agenda’s hidden in their recent agreement with the Australian government to place troops here. The word that comes up again and again is “Rotation”. Our own airforce tells us the US “rotations enhance U.S. ability to train, exercise and operate with Australia and with other allies and partners across the region, further enabling the U.S. to work together with these nations to respond more quickly to a wide range of challenges, including humanitarian crises and disaster relief, as well as promoting security cooperation efforts across the region.”

Respond more quickly to a wide range of challenges?
Promote security cooperation efforts?

So the party line is that it’s all about “rotation”, ‘critical response capacity for humanitarian crises’ and the ‘promotion of security’ in the region.
GLF (Green Left Weekly) stated see here that an Australian Department of Defence response letter to IPAN (Independence and Peaceful Australia Network)-NSW, said US marine presence is “an extension of our existing defence cooperation and defence arrangements”. They go on to say “It is argued that the initiative will support regional peace and stability and better position the two countries to respond to contingencies in the Pacific — including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”
Even more enlightening is the GLF attention to the US policy direction…
“Last year, the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), a US policy research institute, issued a report, Gateway to the Indo-Pacific, Australian Defense Strategy and the Australia-US Alliance.
Contrary to what has been written in Australia’s Defence White Paper, the report says: “Indeed, China has emerged, almost simultaneously, as both Australia’s greatest trading partner and as its greatest, potential military threat.”

China is a Military Threat to Australia? see here and here. For some reason the agenda has shifted. For those old enough to remember it used to be Indonesia. The fear mongers promoted the country with the world’s largest Muslim population and our nearest neighbour as a major threat. (The latest election there may well have the fallout of re-newing this for our now quiet but disgruntled front yard- If the East Timorese have concerns then the Indonesians certainly do. see here  But I digress)

The recent sycophantic Obama comment to the media during our stuttering repetitive Prime Ministers visit- “Aussies know how to fight and I like having them in a foxhole if we’re in trouble,” out- headlined the quiet introduction of a new defence agreement that allows the US is to extend its presence even more, particularly in Darwin. The Australian reported in June:
AUSTRALIA has struck a defence agreement with the United States that prepares the ground for more American troops, aircraft and ships to operate from Australian bases to ward off threats in South East Asia. The report states “Australia is open to hosting more US Marines in Darwin over time and may also consider the use of a Western Australian naval base as a port for US destroyers”….and that this “formalises the deployment of around 1,300 US Marines to the Northern Territory first announced by Mr Obama and Julia Gillard in November 2011.”…..
Obana is also quoted as saying “In addition to the marines that are now in Darwin and the rotations that have been established, we actually have arrived at additional agreements around force postures that will enhance the bilateral cooperation between our militaries and give us additional reach throughout this very important part of the world, and we’re grateful for the cooperation there.”

So.. more US troop presence in Australia, “additional reach” into the region with ‘formalised deployment’, and what are force postures?.

AND of course the purchase of more F35A aircraft. See here

In 2009, the Australian Government approved acquisition of the first consignment of 14 F-35A aircraft, as well as supporting systems and weapons. In April 2014, the Government approved the acquisition of an additional 58 aircraft, bringing the total fleet on order to 72 F-35A aircraft. The first aircraft will arrive in Australia at RAAF Base Williamtown in late 2018, with the complete fleet arriving by 2022.”

My calculation (440 Billion $ US for making 2,300 aircraft and we will have 72) is that this will mean 12 billion dollars US of Australian taxpayer money goes to to Lockhead Martin for what appears to be a more expensive lemon than the F1-11. see here

Reuters advise 11 countries will have these weapons. I make it 12 but maybe they left out the Americans? see here

The Reuters’ list reads like the grocery list of greedy kids at the sweet counter, eyes bulging, lips dribbling with no cash to buy – “I really really want those ones, keep those for me I’ll go get more $ from mum”). Lockhead Martin must be creaming themselves.

Australia ordered 14 plans announced for 58 more

Canada    poised to buy 65 F-35 A’s for $9 billion- will evaluate all available options after outcry over the government’s decision to buy without an open competition

Denmark slated to buy 30 -will review

GB             wants 138 F35 B’s, has 3, (see Farnborough 2014) 48 committed, 14 more this year

Holland    has 2, committed to additional 37 (originally thought to buy 85)

Italy          60 F35 A’s

Israel       19 ordered, plans for 75

Japan considering 42 35A’s

Norway   16 authorised with plans for another 52

Sth Korea 40 35A’s

Turkey      wants 100 committed to 2

Singapore and Belgium are thinking about it
and never to be outdone…………

United States  wants 1,763 F35 A’s (to the year 2035) for the Airforce, 260 F35 C’s for the Navy and the Marines get 340 F35B’s and 80 35C’s. That’s………. 2443 Aghhhhhhh!


These aircraft are a massive business, raking in billions of dollars from countries eager to ‘protect themselves’. (god forbid they would want to attack anyone, especially to attack us!) They are war machines, tools of destruction not humanitarian tools of construction. It would appear war has now become humanitarian in nature (a common dominant agenda paradigm shift).

The business and political narrative is about protection, security. This is a lie

The social argument against this obscenity is about protection and security. Protection of humanity from the war machine and security of the planet we all live on.

This expenditure to perpetuate the war machine is insane. War is being stealthily prepared for and the ‘management’ of people to prepare them for servitude to this cause has been on the agenda of the powerful since before I was born. My father the plane man, well aware of the power of propaganda having served in WWII. He witnessed the stories he was directly involved in reshaped for political expedience. He wanted truths told because the massaged truth and blatant lies challenged his own integrity. The truth was fashioned for general consumption.

But popular myth making is part of the framework for managing people, and part of the political narrative at any time. This is why…………….

A friend was slightly shocked at my response to the planes little sorties recently. She told me they made her feel safe.
“Safe from what?” I asked
“I don’t know”. She said.
“How come they make you feel safe?” I asked her
“I don’t know,” she said “they just do.”

Australia’s welcome to the base of nearly 5000 US army personnel over the next few years is more of a tacit approval and ‘yeah whatever’ from the general public. Not flagged by anyone but the old tired Lefties, shot down the memory hole by the usual suspect press channels and ignored by most Australians.

I am sickened by both the jaunty and sombre celebrations of ‘nation’ and ‘ultimate sacrifice’. The evidence of the “ordinary person” being done over is clear. Visible in the whole crappy entourage of pollie travels and talkfests, G this and that’s and the obscene expenditure of tax payers money on these metal eagles of death. The passive ‘man in the street’ is fed with orchestrated spectacles like airshows and nationalistic skyward gestures of ‘man’s capacity for achievement”.

Surely our current government’s policy catch-cry of “belt tightening”, their associated sickening attack on the poor, and the huge cost of these machines deserves more public scrutiny. Equally the obvious lies of the so called ‘strategic’ and ‘surgical’ ‘ceiling knocking’ of the latest Israeli onslaught into Gaza, show how the innocent are victims of Nationalism and associated racism and greed.

Defence spending used to be a hot item. It took over from the shameless ‘duck and cover’ propaganda of the 60’s. Lets make it a hot item.

“Scrap the tax” -Lame but effective thanks to Palmer’s PUPs (not sure how they got these figures but this is what Libs say “Average families will be more than $550 better off next year alone under the Coalition’s plan than under Labor’s carbon tax. Over the next six years they will be $3,000 better off under the Coalition than under Kevin Rudd’s carbon tax.” see here

“Shaft the $12 billion War Lemon” – has more Zing what do you think?

At the cost of 12Billion dollars (for those who need to see the zero’s that’s a US billion – $12,000,000,000) My call is that’s a lot more being taken from the taxpayer than the scrapping of the carbon tax gives back!

By the way if the US had supported sanctions on Egypt following the coup on Morsi big money to US warmongering weapons companies would have been stopped. See Here

Oh I forgot we are meant to be afraid of something and not supposed to know what.

That’s what makes us feel safe when war planes fly overhead. That and the fact that we are privileged and most of us like Gaza and Syrian children thankfully don’t have PTSS.

My suggestion – be afraid but know what you’re afraid of and why. Know your enemy (Thanks RATM).The science is there. Aircraft are giant polluters. These particular aircraft were built to kill, not for humanitarian reasons but to feed the war cannibal animal. Thanks again RATM) Oh and Lockhead? Former US Vice President’s Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne was on the board 1994 -2001 and the connections to the US political war machine are worth checking out Peruse this page

No need to say more.