“People are poisoned with Nationalism”…… a Bosnian man said at the memorial ceremonies of the 100th Anniversary of the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand recently. He was commenting on the situation in his hometown of Sarajevo since the Balkans erupted into war 1992.

Poisoned with Nationalism?

Poisoned by whom?

QUESTION: Why are we surrounded by wars and new (or revived old, indeed ancient) wedges that splice human groups apart by detonating sleeping bygone animosities and difference within communities?

ANSWER: Because of the protected few who benefit from instilling fear and making war.

Introducing……………. New Tribalism performing hand in hand with Lets have a War

{Thank-you to the 70’s US Punk band Fear (also covered so beautifully by A Perfect Circle)}.

We have failed to passionately get behind a universally supported agenda on behalf of ALL humanity recognising we live in ONE world. New Tribalism has arrived, driven and supported by war beneficiaries on the wave of incredible advancement in human communication and knowledge. Its purpose is to destroy any communal opportunities that could derive from these advancements.  Most importantly the opportunity to be one humanity in one fair, just compassionate world.

There are people who would pit one person or group against the other to support their own agenda and weaken or remove any possible opposition. What can we do to reign them back?


When I worked in the arena of providing supports to victims of sexual assaults, our strategy for community and staff education was to enlighten people about the dynamics of sexual assault to challenge dominant myths about (among other things), perpetrators being ‘mad’ and victims ‘asking for it’ or being ‘damaged goods’.

The first thing we would do would be to brainstorm what we had heard about sexual assault. A brainstorm produced the myths- ‘she asked for it’, she was drunk, a prostitute, looking provocative etc etc….victim blaming, dominant ideology.

Then facts – accurate data on sexual assaults that challenged myths of abusers being ‘strangers’, crazy,  ‘led on’, etc etc…..

We would then ask……….In the light of what you now know  WHO DOES PERPETUATION OF THE MYTH BENEFIT?

This question,”Who benefits?’ is everywhere outside the “free TV” standard newspaper disinformation media. On-line journalism is questioning the ‘party line’ the dominant diatribe…

Some examples:

Who’s benefiting from a never-ending Mideast peace ‘process?’


When would Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton have the same agenda of undermining Syria?


There is a wave of on-line journalism recognising the trappings of a False Flag or Psyop  embedded in the  current escalation of War on Gaza by Israel. The smell of planned timed and orchestrated manoeuvres as with the US invasion of Iraq. This time perpetrated by the Netenyahu government. Again the UN is impotent.


The last three ‘operations’ Israel has launched on Gaza are presented below with the death tolls of respective Army and civilians

ISRAELI OPERATIONS AND RESULTANT DEATHS Israeli ArmyIDF Israeli Civilians Palestinian Soldiers Palestinian civilians
Dec 2008 Operation Cast Lead22 day offensive Check Link 6 3 491 926
Nov 2012 – Pillar of Cloud8 day offensive Check Link 2 4 53 107
July 2014 Operation Protective Edge Check link 500 targets hit to date

So we can see from the numbers of dead for the two previous ‘operations’ that 15 Israelis died and at least 1577 Palestinians. A disproportionate number of more than 100 Palestinians for every Israeli. The number is one tenth of that considered in prisoner exchange deals. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/10/17/world/meast/israel-prisoner-swap-explainer/

On the current carnage, Israeli press states that Israel has destroyed ‘more targets in the last 36hrs than during the whole operation of 2012’.

This latest Israeli onslaught has been launched in the wake of the ‘kidnappings’ and deaths of 3 Israeli youths.  Lets review the information on that:


  • Three Israeli youths abducted  somewhere in the occupied West Bank -They are; Naftali Frenkel (16, from Nof Ayalon), Gilad Shaer (16, from Talmon), and Eyal Yifrah (19, from Elad).
  • A ‘gag order’ is issued by Shin Bet (Israeli Intelligence) on any  information regarding the matter.
  • Netenyahu immediately accuses Hamas (democratically-elected party of Palestinians throughout the occupied territories.)
  • Hamas is silent on the matter (given the value of prisoners for the purpose of exchange you would think if they had anything to do with the kidnap they would look to the exchange option given so many of their people are gaoled in Israeli prisons.)

Israel activates :

  • The “Search” over the entire occupied West Bank
  • Arrests of around 600 ‘Hamas members’  accused of kidnapping and beaten up
  • Around 2100 Palestinian homes trashed by IDF
  • 7 Palestinians reported killed in ‘operation’

Israel implicates Gaza by mere association:

  • Heightened daily air strikes commence on Gaza (under blockade since Sept 2006)
  • Gaza Government appeals to UN for relief
  • UN responds by condemning the kidnappings rather than massive abuses of Palestinians by IDF urging “all parties to show restraint” (GR)


Israeli government had informed members of the press around June 15th that it was aware the students had been killed, 15 days before the public is informed or the bodies apparently found.


  • The youths bodies are reportedly found


  • Gag order removed
  • information released on gagged info that students killed
  • information that one of the dead Israeli youths  called police at 22:30 on the night they were taken and was on the line 49 seconds -he said he was being kidnapped and sound like possibly several shots was heard this call was not acted upon.
  • His father called police 5hrs later at 3:30am to report missing son
  • 54 calls later IDF and Shin Bet involved


  •  IDF struck 50 targets throughout the Gaza Strip – 47 hit by Israel Air Force 3 by Israeli Navy off the coast of Gaza.

“We are entering into a long operation,” a senior IDF source said. “We are only at the start. Patience is required. We are preparing further steps and a gradual expansion of our order of battle,” the source said, referring to a growing presence of Ground Forces deployed to the Gaza Border…..

….The IDF is currently gathering intelligence ahead of its next wave of strikes, according to the source. In recent hours, Hamas fired rockets at Kiryat Malachi, and at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha in the Eshkol region. (THE JERUSALEM POST FAILS TO GIVE ANY RESULTS OF THESE ROCKET ATTACKS)


In the past 36 hours, we destroyed more than what was destroyed during all of Operation Pillar of Defense, and many targets were areas where senior Hamas commanders operate,” the source said. “There’s not a single Hamas brigade commander who has a home to go back to.”
Leading the offensive against Hamas are the IAF, the IDF Southern Command and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), which are working in synergy, he continued.
“We are mainly working with the ‘knock on the roof’ approach,” he said, in which homes that terrorists are using receive calls from the army warning civilians to leave before the IDF strikes.
Referring to the IAF attack on the home of a senior Islamic Jihad member, which killed him and family members in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the source said the family had been warned to get out and had done so, but had returned just before the IAF missile hit.
“We had an error with the family in Khan Yunis. They were told to leave, they returned, and the missile was already on the way. It was too late,” the source said.

Addressing the air force’s efforts to destroy Hamas’s long-range rocket arsenal, the source said, “We are attacking what we know about, and are attacking where we can operate. We won’t attack a hospital that has long-range rockets in it.”


There is a strike on Gaza each 4-5 minutes http://www.timesofisrael.com/operation-protective-edge-israel-hamas-day-4/


Lia Tarachansky an Israeli-Russian journalist with The Real News Network reporting on Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories provides the additional information that: See Link

  •  A former minister of the Palestinian Authority had stones and shoes thrown at him at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
  • Protests on the streets of the West Bank and Gaza against the way the Palestinian Authority has handled this situation.
  • In Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank, one group–the al-Aqsa Brigade, most likely–has opened fire on a PA security chief.
  • The rage against the Palestinian Authority by the Palestinians has really reached unprecedented levels.

And further from  Lia Tarachansky on 7.7.2014

“Yesterday they (IDF) killed a senior official in the Hamas Party, and as a result, for the first time since November 2012, since the last war we had here, the Hamas Party launched a rocket against southern Israel”….

“So we’re seeing here that there’s a very intentional campaign of agitation. There was one soldier who leaked to the Orthodox paper Behadrey Haredim that there was actually snipers in the Jenin refugee camp who were trying to shoot people to instigate stone throws. So we’re seeing that the government is intentionally trying to instigate a third intifada, which will then legitimate a very wide violent campaign against the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

FALSE FLAG? A number of these details point to playing with the truth and manipulating events in order to justify another fully fledged attack on Palestinian people. Who would do such a thing?

4.7.2014 http://www.globalresearch.ca/were-the-three-settler-kidnappings-an-israeli-false-flag-operation/5389791

“Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 kidnapping and murder of three Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas and break up the new Palestinian unity government.”


Jewish people are chosen by god with a right to the land of Israel. Not as it stood in 1948 nor as it stands now, but its real borders encompass Israel, Gaza, Occupied territories in Palestine and Syria, Lebanon, Iraq Syria, Egypt and Jordan. As Genesis states “….from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates”



  1. Fuel the Israeli streets with hatred – POISON WITH NATIONALISM
  2. Weaken Hamas and further destroy Gaza = Blame Hamas for the abduction and murder of the three students and bomb Gaza indiscriminately
  3. Destroy Palestinian Unity= The threat is that peace talks WILL happen= make sure they cant.
  4. Secure ALL Jerusalem for Israel= legislation passed in the Knesset to block return of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.


I leave you with Scott Creighton’s well crafted post