“Hello mushroom clouds, hello skynews”

Still trying to liberate himself from any thoughts that he may have caused this crisis Toe Knee Bleah, the Quartet special envoy to the Middle East has dabbled his toes and indeed his knees in shit once again.

Jonathon Cook see here  provides the following information on his blog, from Israel’s daily, Haaretz. see Haaretz article and pay!

This is how it goes-

  • Toe Knee Bleah first “coordinates” with John Kerry

Sat 12th July :

  • am Bleah flys to Cairo to meet Al Sisi
  • pm Bleah goes to Israel to meet Netenyahu

Then when Al Sisi and Netanyahu don’t get the details sorted …..

  • Bleah intervenes “on behalf of the Americans and the pair spoke by phone on Saturday evening.”

Cook provides what he calls “the key paragraph from Haaretz” (Which is good cos I’m not paying to see it!)

“Senior Israeli officials and Western diplomats said the reason the Egyptian cease-fire initiative was so short-lived is that it was prepared hastily and was not coordinated with all the relevant parties, particularly Hamas.

Cook points out that Hamas was never consulted.

It is BASIC in ‘Negotiation and Mediation 101’ that key stakeholders should be consulted and more importantly participate in the process – I ask again why is Toe Knee in this job?

He should never have got passed the interview stage. (Quartet = UN, US, EU and Russia did they declare their interest in his being ‘chosen’, did Putin support this? To be investigated further….later)

Cook says  “the idea for the so-called Egyptian “ceasefire proposal” was actually hatched in Washington, the messenger boy was arch-war criminal Tony Blair, and the terms were drafted by Israel. The intention was either to corner Hamas into surrendering – and thereby keep the savage blockade of Gaza in place – or force Hamas to reject the proposal and confirm the Israeli narrative that it is a terrorist organisation with which Israel cannot make peace.”

It is clear that Israel does not want the Gaza Blockade removed, nor do they want Hamas involved in any negotiations. It is also clear that Toe Knee  Bleah is useless but you would have to think that’s exactly why he has the job.

Blair skips along making peace...Hello mushroom cloud, hello Sky News [Sincere apologies to Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans  (both so talented and missed) ]  From the Molesworth Series the cartoon of Basil Fotherington- Thomas Basil Fotherington-Thomas. A weed and a sissy. He has curly blond locks and is prone to skip around the school girlishly saying "Hello clouds, hello sky".

Bleah skips along making peace….. “Hello mushroom cloud, hello Sky News”.

[Sincere apologies to Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans (both so talented and missed) for the use of one of their characters. From the Molesworth Diaries, the cartoon of Basil Fotherington- Thomas – A weed and a sissy. He has curly blond locks and is prone to skip around the school girlishly saying “Hello clouds, hello sky”.]

Cook describes the corporate media as swallowing Israeli so called “acceptance” and Hamas “rejection” of the ceasefire proposal and  labels it “depressingly predictable”.  All the more reason for our cynicism and  lack of faith in any politically brokered process, particularly one where Bleah is involved. Cook provides this analysis- “What Hamas did was reject a US-Israeli diktat to sign away the rights of the people of Gaza to end a siege that cuts them off from the rest of the world.”

He is clearly not an apologist for Hamas and his call on this situation should be clear to anyone with a simple understanding of recent history regarding this situation. The dominant line on the story “Israel will negotiate, Hamas will not” is what we in Oz would call a ‘furphy’, a generated rumour, exaggerated story or at its strongest a complete furphy, meaning completely made up. Cook reminds us “there is a long pedigree of such deceptions”. Israel is expert at generating what they call hasbara, a term described by 972mag.com (an Israeli blog) as “the ongoing ever growing national propaganda effort”. See here

Cook reminds us “It is reminiscent of a hasbara favourite: that the Jews accepted the UN partition plan of 1947 while the Palestinians rejected it. The reality – then, as now – is that the colonial powers sought to strip the Palestinians of their rights and their homeland without even consulting them.”

But of course Hamas is never ‘The democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people’ this truth is destined for the international memory hole. Hasbura also has a black hole where information that does not support the zionist agenda gets sucked out before it has a chance to enter mainstream media. Similarly the reductionist view of Hamas merely as an organisation simply developed by Palestinian ‘hardline militants’ to instill terror in the hearts of Israeli citizens is another case of hasbura. The welfare role of the organisation in support of Gaza people is completely ignored while the ‘terrorist’ label is so readily adopted. Even if it is a furphy it has a lot of ‘schtick’.

When the Hamas/ Fatah reconciliation deal was announced in April, Netenyahu stated see here
……Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier said Mr Abbas would have to choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas. You can have one but not the other. I hope he chooses peace; so far he hasn’t done so,” he warned.

This latest farce of ceasefire negotiation failing due to Hamas intransigence  is just another Bleah fest. By the way Mr Bleah, a search on the author of the Molesworth books  came up with this little gem :

“Emma Thompson suggests you read Molesworth – “The prime minister might revisit Geoffrey Willans’s Molesworth which is so illuminating about the character and habits of little boys. I am not being rude. Both president and prime minister have to deal with a great quantity of childish behavior.” see here

Not Least their own!

(Thanks Jonathon Coleman. Thanks Molesworth.)

And for those who want to access an awesome wordpress site with more on this topic – by Scott Creighton see here

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