Mother of a Soldier – Protest in Chernivtsi Oblast, Western Ukraine, on June 20, 2014

This material resonates.

The critical reality of a grandmother’s observations includes:

  • Civilian call-up for a war they don’t want
  • Errors of reductionist labels and slogans- ‘Bandarovsky’ 1.
  • Govts. -that sit around debating hot air
  • A mother who misses her son
  • A child who asks where his father is
  • Media lies
  • Govt propaganda

Her comment…. “What kind of Ukraine are we building now? How many years we lived in peace! Nobody cared to ask if you were Romanian, Moldovan, Russian, or Ukrainian.”……could be said by a Syrian grandmother, where sectarian divisions have been introduced in the vilest way where it never mattered if you were Sunni, Shia, Druze, Alawite -many people didn’t care.

1. For an article exploring this ‘trend’ see here

Translated from Ukrainian by Valentina Lisitsa (@ValLisitsa) / Editing by Gleb Bazov

Video: Mother of a Soldier; Protest Blocking the Highway Near Mahala

Map: Mahala, Chernivtsi Oblast, Western Ukraine (Wikipedia Entry)

Mother of a Soldier: I am standing here for my son. My son was conscripted on March 26th. I don’t know his whereabouts. I am asking him “Sonny, are you ok?” He says: “I am ok”. I ask: “Where are you?” His only reply is – “in Ukraine, Mom, on the border”. That’s all, nobody tells me anything.

Why, I ask, why did they take our children there? Who needs them there, who? There are different people – some will not say anything, others ask our boys: “Why did you come here? You are a Banderovets!” Why do we send our kids there, if they are mocked as “Banderovtsy”? Why? Why the grown up…

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