SLOPPY IDF BLOG EXPOSES ISRAELI LIES is worth a look. The Zionist party line and hasbara is alive and kicking, spurred on by current travesties in Gaza.

New posts like;

‘Challenges of an Urban Battlefield’  where ….“The civilian population that lives within these urban areas is often exploited by Hamas, who who uses them as a human shield for military targets. The terrorist organization deliberately puts civilians in the line of fire in order to make it easier for their own terrorists to hide. They base command centers, weapons storage facilities and concealed rocket launchers inside civilian neighborhoods, sometimes even inside houses, knowing that the IDF is reluctant to strike densely populated areas.” see here

and ‘Live updates: Ground Operation in Gaza’ where……. these images appear, devoid of human content and looking like 4WD stickers –

IDF "Updates"this one from 20.07.2014 no mention of any deaths

IDF “Updates”this one from 20.07.2014 no mention of any deaths

The IDF propoganda site has come alive.

If you click on the ‘News and Analysis’ Tab (questionable terms for what you will find)  then scroll to ‘Myth Busting’ (they should apologise to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from the TV program of the same name as they are much less believable). The post ‘What happened to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza’? is the most revealing of the frailty of Israeli hasbara. (For a discussion on the meaning and current hasbara situation see here)

The post you find is from August 2013 and some attentive IDF IT updater geek has failed miserably in keeping up to date. This is obviously a massive oversight.

The death toll in Gaza has now reached 352, with over 2,600 people injured, the majority of whom are civilians, according to United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs. Among the dead are 70 children. With the reporting of four young Palestinian boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach, killed by Israel missile fire from the sea  just days old and the Israeli ground invasion and subsequent massacre of in Shejaia just yesterday, Israel is finally under more international scrutiny, certainly from non-mainstream media sources.

Netenyahu prefers to believe his own spin  provided here coutesy of idfblog . This includes one so called  ‘myth’ buster showing that it’s all play, play, play in Gaza, with plenty of food, from “pristine grocery stores” (despite the 7yr blockade). In their own words, “Despite what you may hear from the media, Gaza is not an “open-air prison.” This summer, Gazans are out in force, enjoying themselves in beautiful beaches and hotels, and doing their shopping in pristine grocery stores and markets heaving with fresh produce. Gaza even boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool.”

And check the happy beach soccer shot …………….

IDF site posts: Palestinians enjoy a day at the beach in Gaza City (photo 2011, post date August 2013)

Reality check……..


Palestinians carry the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City -Reuters photo

Palestinians carry the body of a boy, whom medics said was killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, on a beach in Gaza City -Reuters photo

You are exposed Israel and the whole world is watching !

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