Hallmark of Savagery: Video of Israeli “Double Tap” at the Shujaiyya Market in Gaza

I know it has been some time since a post – no excuses, but today this post comes from willylomn@wordpress.com from a consummate and trustworthy blogger Scott Creighton. In the light of a 48hr ceasefire that is well overdue and Israeli troops recalcitrantly remaining in Gaza I am reposting. More from me today

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

“The US government has long maintained, reasonably enough, that a defining tactic of terrorism is to launch a follow-up attack aimed at those who go to the scene of the original attack to rescue the wounded and remove the dead. Morally, such methods have also been widely condemned by the west as a hallmark of savagery.” Glenn Greenwald, 2012 (before he became a billionaire’s bitch)

A video out of Gaza is going viral. It shows Israeli artillery strikes on a civilian rescue effort underway where a couple of ambulances and rescue workers respond to the site of an Israeli artillery attack on the civilian population at the Shujaiyya market. Seen in the early stages of the chaos is reporter Ramy Ryan.

“The video uploaded onto YouTube by Abu Shaar shows two ambulances arriving urgently on the scene where Ramy Ryan is seen covering the situation. About 15…

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