Down With Mobilization! A Protest in the Village of Voloka

A stunning English subtitled video of a small Ukrainian town’s collective protest against conscription and more importantly WAR. The women’s anger and frustration is focused and certain! They know about ‘suits’ and cannon fodder!

“Mister Yatsenyuk bawled: “Put a bullet through a head!” – so let him go, why not?! … Instead he wears a white-collar shirt and a tie.”

Transcript: Down With Mobilization! A Protest in the Village of Voloka

Reporter: A third mobilization wave has started: in Ukraine officers, sergeants in reserve and private soldiers who have military experience are called up on a mass scale for a military service. Currently tens of call-up papers have reached every village and city. Besides men, women doctors are called up as well. Fifty call-up papers came to Voloka village (Glybotsky region), that made the citizens highly indignant. Mothers and wives tear-stained, husbands and sons angered gathered together in order to find a solution. They said they never wanted war, so they will not let their sons to fight.

Protestor: We don’t want war, we want peace. There is no need for our men to go fighting. For what? We want peace.

Protestor: We didn’t raise our children for war, we stand only for peace.

Protestor: Not…

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