Watch what you read and repost -Kiev’s Fake Picture Scam

As a new writer in blogosphere I was interested in this article for a number of reasons.  I originally noticed photo’s being recycled for use as ‘descriptors’ to news events when the photos relate to a completely different incident. I have considered it lazy journalism, but also thought how dangerous this is when looking at truths in written or spoken pieces accompanied by erroneous descriptors. 

I was even interested to create an app that would allow you to check the voracity of a photo by finding out if it had been used before and in relation to what. The anger increases when photo’s of bloodied and mutilated dead people end up being attached to stories of people murdered by ‘rebels’ or ‘govt loyalists’ in any number of different settings, from Libya to Syria to Gaza to Ukraine……….you name it these dead people have been killed there!

If this pisses you of too, please read on. We should all be alert to this travesty of presenting propaganda as “truth” and we are all equally capable of becoming another blog link in the line of spreading blog lies.

This following post  received author’s (Gleb Bazof) permission to republish  to a blog I follow,

The post also links to a site to help bloggers prevent the use or reuse of fake photo’s or photo’s that inaccurately describe context as reproduced below.

All I can suggest is that we take care before we share anything, and follow these three very basic rules:

  • Check every picture before we use it. StopFake has published an excellent guide right here.
  • Ask for sources. We mustn’t be afraid to do this even with people we trust and respect, since any one of us could have innocently ‘picked up something nasty’.
  • Delete any fake we’ve unwittingly posted ourselves – and POST A RETRACTION to warn off anyone else. Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit we made a mistake, but it’s the honest, decent thing to do, and makes clear to everyone that such things are not done deliberately.

I would like to add have your bullshit detectors out on full charge.

The blog post is as follows:

Preamble: It is a privilege for us to republish, with the author’s permission, the following article initially posted on the blog The Unwashed Brain. The original can be found here. Please keep a lookout for future publications by the author to be featured on They deserve to be read thoughtfully and with care and are an important addition to the discourse of the Ukrainian Civil War.

Kiev’s Fake Picture Scam.

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