Australia ignores ‘homegrown Zionists’ who fight with IDF while targetting ‘homegrown jihadists’

The following article is an edited version of a recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald titled………..
“Two Melburnian school colleagues fighting in Israeli army are injured in Gaza” August 4, 2014 -Nick Toscano, Ben Doherty. see original article here

Palestinians in a tent outside apartments in the town of Beit Lahiya in the Northern Gaza Strip -Reuters

Palestinians in a tent outside apartments in the town of Beit Lahiya in the Northern Gaza Strip -Reuters

 Two Melburnian school colleagues fighting with Hamas army are injured in Gaza

Two former students of an Islamic school in Melbourne have been wounded while fighting for the military wing of Hamas in Gaza.
Mohammed Hassan and Abdul Khamis both 22, are recovering from recent injuries sustained during the conflict between Israel and Hamas that has lasted almost four weeks.
The combat soldiers are former students of King Khalid College in Coburg and are believed to have been a year level apart. Both are reportedly expected to recover.
Mr Hassan , who left Broadmeadows for Gaza last year, was hit by shrapnel from a missile in late July.
A close friend, Ahmed Nasser, said it was extremely distressing to see a photo surface on social media showing Mr Hassan in a hospital bed. “It was very upsetting … very confronting,” he said.
Mr Hassan’s family moved to Melbourne from New Zealand in 2008.
He was involved in the Islamic Youth Centre, where he became a leader for younger students at weekly meetings.
“He moved mid-last year to join the Hamas army,” The Centre’s Melbourne president Ms Mosul said.
“But it really hits home when you see a photo of your friend who has been injured. It throws you about.”
Earlier in July, Mr Khamis, who grew up in Melbourne but moved to Gaza before graduating from College, was reportedly shot in the thigh.
Ms Mosul said that out of the 365 students and leaders in Melbourne’s Islamic Youth program, as many as 10 had joined the Hamas army in the past two years.
“What drives them is a love and passion for Palestine” she said.
There are about 2500 foreign citizens from more than 60 countries enlisted in the Israeli Defence Forces. The US provides the greatest contingent, but there are also large numbers of Russian, Ukrainian and French soldiers.
Sixty-four Israeli army soldiers and three Israeli citizens have died in the conflict. The Palestinian death toll has reached 1822.
Mr Azam, whose 20-year-old brother also left Melbourne to fight in Gaza, said soldiers in the Hamas army were often under heavy fire and went days without being able to contact family.
“I didn’t speak to my brother once for five or six days … it is nerve-wracking,” he said.
“We don’t want there to be a war, but unfortunately the circumstances force it.”
The Israeli embassy in Canberra refused to comment on the number of Australians fighting for the IDF, but it is believed there are in excess of 100 enlisted.
The Department of Foreign Affairs does not keep figures on how many Australian citizens have gone to Israel to fight for its army.


  • My editing of the original article includes replaced names and geographical locations.
  • I have replaced the names of the Jewish, (openly Zionist) Australians with those of imaginary Muslim (openly Islamist) Australians.
  • The photo of recent Israeli bombing in Gaza replaces the photo of the Melbourne Jewish young man with his father that appeared in the original article.
  • An Islamic College name replaces the Jewish College name. King Khalid College has had a recent name change and its place in this report is in no way meant to suggest there is a connection between the College and Hamas nor that any pupils of the College are fighting with any Islamist Army
  • All my inserts appear in italics.
  • Sections appearing in bold type have not been changed from the original.
  • For the purpose of the piece the term ‘the Hamas Army’ replaces ‘the Israeli Army’ but would normally read simply ‘Hamas’.
  • For the purpose of the piece, ‘Islamist’ replaces ‘Zionist’ but ‘Islamist’ Youth Centres are not recognised as operating in Australia, however Islamic Youth Centres do exist so this term is used. I am aware there is a difference between the use of the term ‘Islamic’ and ‘Islamist’, however the term ‘Zionist’ as used in the SMH report does not carry the same resonance in this country as ‘Islamist’ despite the highly political and religious zealot implications of both terms. It should also not be taken that I compare any Zionist Youth organisation’s activities with those of Islamic Youth groups, I merely supplant one religious youth group with another to illustrate my point- that Islamic Australians will be targetted for travelling overseas as potential terrorists and Jewish openly Zionist Australians can readily go to fight in Palestine with the IDF,
  • The fighting of Australian Muslim Palestinians in Gaza is an IMPOSSIBILITY as entry is impossible under the 8 year Israeli blockade.



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