Globalizing Gaza » Jeff Halper, CounterPunch

Another really thought provoking re-post.

This time on Israel’s  “Lawfare” legal campaign to prevent the International Criminal Court from taking cases of their violations of human rights in warfare. We have heard a lot recently about;

  • the lack of concern for civilian lives in Gaza – a violation of the ‘Principle of ‘Distinction’
  • the disproportionality of the Israeli attacks on Gaza – a violation of the Principle of ‘Disproportionality’

Both violations if proven in the court would constitute grave breaches of international law – these are the principles Israel wants to see ‘eliminated’  or ‘significantly watered down’ by creating new terms – “non-legitimate actors” such as “terrorists,” “insurgents” and “non-state actors,” together with the civilian population that supports them – so that anyone resisting state oppression can no longer claim protection. see article below by Jeff Halper

Globalizing Gaza » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

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