HOT AIR (my own poetry 25.08.2014)

Hot air,

No justice here.

Invaders think, while hot air blows from their bodily orifices,

Corporate orifices

and front yard cursed reverse vac blowers,

Think how good their lives would be,

if debt wasn’t theirs,

their wives weren’t theirs,

and the greasy pole to more, slid up not down.

Cursed gravity

If leaves didn’t drop in the wind?


Meanwhile in the falling darkness…..

The world of the night people, invaded, stolen, lost

Children’s absent parents float in volatile substances

Minds emptied of culture, responsibility and hope,

Poisoned bodies,

Damp the hunger, feed the pain….. of emptiness and loss.

Far from the fallen people, leaf blowers

Cut limbs from trees “In case they fall”,

The cyclone safety pack ‘tough’ pioneers.

Rich in a life.

and far from the fallen people……………………

The hot air still blows.




Apologies if I have offended but it was a perfect picture to accompany my latest ‘poet piece’ . Many thanks to filmmaker Anthony Cooney {“Leaf Blower  Massacre” and “Leaf Blower Massacre 2″}.  


“The first film was released as a short subject last year, but received such enthusiasm from the independent horror community that Cooney and co-writers Josh Stephenson and Michael Wade Johnson decided to move forward with a full-length production.”