Canadians Join IDF: Harper’s Government Silent

On the 14th of this month I posted  on the Sydney Morning Herald article about Australians with dual Israeli nationality going to join the IDF.

These young openly zionist men left Australia to join the IDF’s horrendous assault on Gaza

(see here

My post questioned the Australian governments double standard on young Muslim men travelling to war torn middle Eastern countries to join a range of military and/or ‘humanitarian’ services, just because they were travelling to countries under the ‘expat violent jihadist’ spotlight.

Today ‘’ has an article by Yves Engler (24th August 2014) on the Canadian experience.  Engler states;

“The double standard is extreme. It is illegal for Somali Canadians to fight in that country but it is okay for Canadian Jews to kill Palestinians in Gaza. And the government will give you a charitable tax credit if you give them money to support it.

Fortunately, activists in one country have made strides on this issue. A Palestine solidarity group in South Africa recently launched a case against citizens of that country who have served in the Israeli military.

Some have suggested another solution. Eminent Canadian historian Jack Granatstein recently told an interviewer: “In my view no one who is a Canadian should be able to enlist in some other country’s military and keep his Canadian citizenship.”

This is the question for Australian policy makers who otherwise look to have blatant double standards.

Canadians Join IDF: Harper’s Government Silent

See Engler’s article here:  Canadians Join IDF: Harper’s Government Silent.

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