All the way……….. Again ?

24 F18 Hornets Ready

24 F18 Hornets Ready

No doubt we will commit F18 ‘Hornet’ fighters to Obama’s very visible return to Iraq. It’s as good as done. I had posted previously on their jolly jaunts over Darwin with the Emirates, Singaporeans et all in Operation ‘Pitch Black’. They weren’t practicing over my head for nothing. Tonight I heard one of our bureaucrats say, ‘they would benefit from the practice’ as he was extolling the virtues of joining Obama’s (yes, he was the guy they gave a Nobel Peace Prize to) jaunt to deal with IS. (Australia could follow concerted effort from the West against Islamic State “If there was a concerted effort from Western nations against Islamic State, Australia could commit planes to airstrikes in Iraq” suggested Australian Strategic Policy Institute Executive Director Peter Jennings.)

I suppose I should be pleased, after all these extremists were behind the shocking devastation in Al Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp in Damascus. They were the main reason so many friends, near and distant relatives including pregnant mothers and babies, had to flee for their their lives. These people could ill afford to leave, but near 500,000 of them grabbed whatever they could and left their family homes, for more displacement poverty and uncertainty as double refugees around the world. The graves of their buried children and parents remained with the few who did not leave, to quietly care for what they believe they will eventually return to. But of course the Israeli line ( was that these were just ‘rebels’ ready to oust Bashar al Assad and Palestinians had ‘turned’ against the Syrian government. see here from Dec 2012 Jerusalem post.

So I should be pleased, and I would be, if I believed everything fed to us by mainstream media. Even good old ‘Aunty’ the national tax payer funded TV station is operating as a propaganda funnel. Where is the hard questioning of the stream of government-agenda-supporting-mouthpieces being interviewed on our beloved ABC? Fact is its hard to know what to believe, but when my well honed bullshit detectors sense more of the same from dopey pollies, all I can think is that they have way too much power for their own (and more-so, our) good.

Be sure, our hornets will go. The ground is fast being prepared for us all to applaud as we ride with our benevolent starred, striped friends with ‘similar values’ like a winged Easyrider into the sunset to hit that evil bunch from the air. Even if it means ignoring the sovereign territory of Syria. (Well IS says its a Caliphate across both Syrian and Iraqi Territory, ergo no border, no rules.) Its not even recognised by the UN as a state, Gaza has more credibility and look what our Israeli ‘allies’ did to them! (With passport carrying Aussies on board with IDF).

Our international embarrassment – Tony Abbott says we will only go for an “achievable overall humanitarian purpose.” but he shouldn’t be too hard to convince about what constitutes humanitarian purpose. Yesterday US government mouthpieces blatantly blared the tough US war trumpet that the US would fly over Syrian airspace. They of course do not need to ask. The behaviour of the US president could almost have come from a weeks practice with Bibi. Strange the so called (proven faked video) beheading of an American ‘journalist’ could so rile the US while over 1500 dead foetus’, babies, toddlers teens and women, all non-combatant have been killed without impunity by Israel in Gaza. No outrage at that and nothing from Obama’s lips to condemn Israeli actions. You have to say the current US rhetoric about the threat of evil and its monsters in black shouting “Jihad” is more than unbalanced (in a mental health rather than a humanitarian law way!)

I am not saying the violent jihad Salafi spin across the region does not appear very frightening. This is concerning because like bees to honey it seems a bunch of people with nothing but extremist religious opinions hope to have their own land and get rid of anyone who doesn’t fit that picture (sound familiar?).

The considered language of Vijay Prashad explains it somewhat differently. He explains how the group has come to expand, more through common ‘despair’ of Iraqi Sunni’s than through the fervent Islamism of some expats who have never lived in either Syria or Iraq.
Vijay recently wrote,
it (IS) is not alone. Next to it is the Iraqi Islamic Army, led by Saddam Hussein’s former deputy Izzat al-Dori Ibrahim, and the Muslim Ulema Association. What unites these three forces – al-Qaeda extremists, Ba’athists and decamped Iraqi military personnel – is despair at Iraqi premier Nouri al-Maliki’s sectarianism and the failures of the Iraqi state to draw in the largely Sunni towns that run up the River Tigris from Baghdad. Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Mahdi Army, said in February that Iraq “is ruled by wolves, thirsty for blood, souls that are eager for wealth, leaving their nation in suffering, in fear, in water puddles, in dark nights, lightened only by moonlight or a candle, swamped by assassinations based on differences or after ridiculous disagreements.” He left for Iran, fed up with the politics and violence I n his land. This despair is what gave ISIS the opportunity to build its bases in northern Iraq.”

I wondered where Muqtada al-Sadr had gone.

But conforming is the order of the day, for the rest of us. With just few brave Israeli and Jewish academics speaking out to decry the lies and aggression of the zionist dominated Israeli government in relation to Gaza. We can expect to find even less dissent on home turf with the dominant neo-conservative viewpoint currently being home spun about the Islamist group under al Bagdhadi and what needs to be done.

The ABC Lateline interview between Tony Jones just minutes ago with Defence Minister, Senator David Johnson was an interesting one, and gave some hope back to Auntie through Jones’ questions.
We are, Senator Johnson said,

  • currently supplying ‘humanitarian relief through supply drops’
  • ‘in a high state of readiness’
  • with 24 Super Hornets that can operate from US aircraft carriers
  • waiting on ‘a more inclusive and legitimate government in Baghdad’
  • requiring ‘invitation from Iraq’ (remember we falsely said we had one from the South Vietnamese?)
  • needing to ‘settle the rules of engagement before deployment’
  • part of a coalition of ‘the Brits, the French, the Germans, the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Turkey, and Jordan. (count the named countries with proven Islamist fighter support history at least in Syria!)
  • not looking at ground troops

He did mention ‘beheadings’, ‘genocide’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and that ‘we are all very upset at this development’. He also said, “No” to the Tony Jones question as to whether we would be entering Syria. But his ‘no’ was watered by a Jones rhetorical question on there being considered “no real legitimate Syrian government”.

But historically with Liberal governments (and with ‘the new’ Labour come to think of it) we do politically sycophantically follow the US, and on Syria the US is clear, clearer than it ever was over its bombing of Cambodia and Laos under Nixon. They have been quoted as saying through White house spokesman Josh Earnest on Tuesday (full report here )
“.……..As a matter of US policy, we have not recognized” Assad as Syria’s leader, Earnest told journalists on the side-lines of a presidential trip. “There are no plans to change that policy and there are no plans to coordinate with the Assad regime.”
The US military has carried out aerial surveillance of IS for months and on August 8 launched air strikes against the al-Qaeda offshoot, which is also known as ISIS and ISIL and has declared a caliphate across swathes of territory it has seized from Syria and Iraq……….”
I knew they were up to something…………..operation Pitch Black………they said they wouldn’t fly at night, almost true…….mostly in the day and not after about 9:00pm. So why Pitch Black for a day flight thing? The IS Flag reference perhaps? Did you think they already knew?

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