Now the Propaganda Clean Up

This post includes a reblog of Scott Creighton’s post today.

I will hopefully always be blown away by the capacity of people to use money to influence others. Current Zionist propaganda is extreme and heavily funded but people’s capacity to see through it is not dead.

1. Scott’s post below

Playwright Wallace Shawn translates ADL ad justifying Israeli child murder into plain English.

Also heard Samah Sabawi on Gaza -short BBC -interview where interviewer continually talked over Samah yesterday but she got through some counters………The work goes on. Now we have to help Palestine rebuild, build on the numbers of hasbara skeptics and continue to increase the numbers of people who will question (and not forget those with compassion fatigue who are lucky that’s all they have!)

2. Samah’s BBC Radio Interview

and for good measure,

3. Nathan Goodman from the liberal Jewish Daily “Forward” on “How to sell Americans on Israel’s Wars” see here

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