Captcha logo

Captcha logo

“Captcha verification failed you may not be human, please try again”


 Well thank-you for confirming.

My thoughts exactly!

I may not be human.

But your style suggests you have some doubt

A good thing some say, some humans that is.


But today


like you

am seeking certainty.

I ask you Captcha

if not, then what?


perhaps you could help me?

if not human

what am I?

and what dreadful mistake brought me here?


I’m siding with you


I may not be

but is that all you can offer me?

‘Please try again’

Try what Captcha?

To be human?

No thanks.

I’d rather put my head in a bucket of H2O and hyperventilate!


…..but I don’t 

I try again

and lose.

Fuck it, I must be human

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