One guy, sorry two guys, both adults who chose to ‘report’ on a war zone in another country, place themselves at risk, get captured 2 years ago and supposedly recently lose their lives within days of each other. All this in a dodgy video posted to taunt and big note a  ‘terrorist group’ with a new name.

Meanwhile in Gaza………2,104 Palestinians killed over, including 1,462 civilians, of whom 495 are children and 253 are women none of whom ‘chose’ to be there and all of them bravely lived through an 8year seige and at least 3 separate illegal massive bombardments of their country. While the world watched and did nothing.. see sitrep Gaza August

Nothing but silence about Israels murderous attack on innocent civilians because terrorists (Hamas, their legitimately elected government) put them there?

and I Just read this ….Jewish Forward Daily here’s a section……

“The Committee to Protect Journalists estimates that at least 70 other journalists have been killed covering the brutal conflict; more than 80 have been kidnapped.

Most of them were Syrian. We mourn them, too. But forgive us if we experience a special kind of grief for the Jewish kid from Miami, who played rugby and video games and tweeted about American basketball and risked his life to tell an important story”

No I wont be forgiving you, that’s not up to me…

The ‘special kind of grief’ you speak of……it is special, its self aggrandising, lacks broad compassion and smacks of racism.

I have to post another Leunig Cartoon

Leunig UN security Council resolution


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