Henry Kissinger – will never say “out damned spot”

I was wondering what the man I would vote as the most dangerous in my lifetime (and that would be a hard act to win) ….was up to.

introducing ………Henry Kissinger.

Well now I know and it doesn’t surprise that the man who spawned Pol Pot is weighing in on the Islamic State and saying Iraq…..bombs, Syria bombs. Scary thing is it’s like  back to the future….

So here’s Binoys crafted article on a man, a probable psychopath who was behind so many death squads posing as a statesman….


“Attacking the Islamic State: Henry Kissinger’s World Order Recipe”
by Binoy Kampmark September 13, 2014

….”Kissinger is a man who primarily sees himself as realist in chief, the Metternich of the twentieth century (when in office), and modern consultant in an age when consultancy counts as work as supposed to mere sophistry. Think clearly about a state’s interests, count the chips, draw up the balance sheet, do the sums, and attack. Air strikes on IS positions should be of “limited duration as a punitive measure” and “not make any distinction between Syria in Iraq.” How positively Indochina-like and so very 1970s – make few distinctions in a geographical belt, and cause come creative disruption.”

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