The Nuclear Answer to Chamberlain

This sounds like a case of total insanity from the Ukrainians. Russia has from this reposred blogpost named it as such. It seems anything is possible.

It does appear the US has too many fronts and ukraine is just one more but thats when crazy things start to happen.

I had wondered if Putin might follow up with consideration of assisting Assad in Syria (through invitation of course) by preparing a supportive coalition to clean out the Da’ash (ISIL,IS) in eastern Syria given so many seasoned Chechen fighters are involved…but, well anythings possible.

Original Article:
Translated by: Gleb Bazov
Edited by S. Naylor

91598.2The Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Geletei, has announced that Ukraine will choose to drop its nuclear-free status and arm its army with nuclear weapons in the event that “the world does not help [the country].” In Russia this announcement prompted a not-so-polite proposal that Geletei undergo psychiatric treatment; however this issue does not exist solely as a subject of the field of clinical research.

The United States can no longer simply withdraw from the situation in Ukraine. They already have a well-tested method of conflict intensification. This can be seen in the example of Syria: when frontal attack efforts turned out to be futile, the United States simply launched a new project – the Islamic State, thereby solving several related tasks. In the medium term this landmine will explode simply because all the conditions have been created. The goal…

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