All we see are terrorists but this is so blatantly one sided

I had started a post 2 days ago and with other things going on I didn’t post it.

Tonight the ABC and no doubt other channels have plastered a video of a car in Jerusalem apparently running over some people and killing a 3month old baby. Immediately the report goes to an interview of an Israeli policeman calling it ‘a terrorist attack’. The driver was shot dead by Israeli police or IDF. Shocking incident…..and empty, lazy reporting.

What follows is the drafted repost of a report from earlier this week. We never saw anything about this or previous premeditated murders of Palestinian children by rampaging Zionist Settlers. I have not got the url for it… The reason I had not posted was I intended to write about the issue after further research. Tonights news pushed this post up on my ‘tell the whole truth’ priority list.

Here is the original …I will reference later. I dont blog well on my phone!

“A kindergarten girl Sunday died of her wounds, while another was seriously injured after an Israeli settler deliberately ran them over while they were on their way home from kindergarten near a village to the north of Ramallah, according to medical sources.

Sources said that a settler deliberately ran over Inas Khalil and Toleen Asfoor, both aged five, while walking home from kindergarten near the entrance of the village of Sinjil; a settler, coming from nearby settlements, drove toward the two girls and ran them over before fleeing the scene.

The two girls were severely injured and were transferred to hospital for treatment, where Khalil died of her critical wounds, while Asfoor is still in a very critical condition.

To be noted, Settlers are continually involved in hit and run accidents against Palestinians.

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