Ukrainian criminals move to israel


Ukrainian Oligarch Fugitives Wanted by Interpol, Pay Bribes for Israeli Citizenship


yuri borisov

Ukrainian oligarch, Yuri Borisov, suspected of looting $40-million in U.S. foreign aid meant for Ukraine

Galey Tzahal (Army Radio) reported today that Israel welcomed with open arms two Ukrainian oligarchs wanted by Interpol for serious crimes.  The suspects, Yuri Borisov and Eduard Stavitsky, are suspected of embezzlement and money-laundering in Ukraine.  They flew into Ben Gurion airport and received Israeli entry visas.  Borisov’s visa was approved for the purposes of medical treatment, though it’s not clear what, if anything ails him except him criminal predicament. Borisov fled Israel immediately after the arrest of Yisrael Beitenu MK Faina Kirschenbaum, but stayed long enough (about a month) to get citizenship and passports for him and his entire family.

They were granted citizenship despite the fact that one of them isn’t Jewish and both are wanted fugitives and suspected criminals.  These matters should make them automatically…

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To think some people claim Israel is a democracy


Jewish Israeli students receive 10 times higher funding than Arab Israelis

File photo of Israeli and Arab Israeli students at a protestFile photo of Israeli and Arab Israeli students at a protest

Israeli authorities used details of students’ religious and ethnic backgrounds to decide how much funding each pupil would receive, a report by Child Safety Council has said.

14,500 shekels(£3,675) annual budget given to an Israeli student

1,500 shekels($380) annual budget given to an Arab student

The findings of the report were published by Arab48 yesterday. The report showed that the budget of a Jewish Israeli student reaches 14,500 shekels per year ($3,675), while the budget of an Arab Israeli student is only 1,500 shekels per year ($380).

In addition to official school classes, Israeli students have access to a number of extracurricular activities such as enrichment lessons, preparations for exams, etc. while Arab students are unable to access these.

According to the report, which was issued by…

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American soldiers off to support the fascists in Kiev

Thanks for this post, should I say this seemed inevitable given the MSM reports on events in Ukraine they built a support base at home and say this is all about Putin but its all about their hegemony and financial interests. Thanks again will repost.


US Announces Support of Neo-Nazis

American soldiers going to Ukraine

Pentagon officials confirmed last week that US troops will deploy to Ukraine in the spring to help build the Ukrainian National Guard. In addition to sending US troops, Washington has already sent heavy military equipment and has earmarked $19 million for Ukrainian forces.

In its announcement, the Pentagon failed to mention that the Ukrainian National Guard includes the Azov Battalion, a pronounced neo-Nazi group that has reportedly been involved in the recent violence in Ukraine.

The History of Azov

The Azov Battalion was formed in May 2014 as an all-volunteer paramilitary unit in response to the government’s struggle against separatists in the country’s east.

Funding for Azov comes from Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a man who offered a bounty of $10,000 for each captured Russian “saboteur,” as reported by Newsweek.

According to the BBC, Azov’s aims are stated in…

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