Those Who Collaborate with the West | Dissident Voice

Andre Vltcheck article on ‘Dissident Voice’ that is well worth a read. Ends on a positive note too…..

“No matter how brilliant the masters of the horror scenarios, no matter how well they play their flutes, no matter how many millions of servants are licking their boots, it is certain that their violent art will not be allowed to dominate the world stage for much longer.”

Understanding the Idea of Israeli Land Under Talmudic Law | Josh Bornstein | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

Read and be enraged that this Australian Israeli lawyer can say these words and not be charged here for inciting Zionist terrorism under the new anti-terror legislation while peaceful Australian Palestinians are detained at our airports by customs and immigration nazis, miss their flights, have to re purchase flight tickets have thier bank accounts closed when leaving for Bangkok!

Window Into Palestine: Deir Yassin to Yarmouk and beyond

I am writing a book of ‘shorts’ about the last 15yrs of being with a Palestinian man. The collection is called ‘Leaping Barricades’ I know the stories will just keep on coming and I will need to end somewhere. The lives of Palestinians remain, wherever I close my book with daily experiences of immense loss, continual seperations, deep grief and years of wondering if tge rest of the world gives more than a passing thought to thier situation.
I will finish my bòok. But until then this post is of another Palestinian eye on their life experience…….