After more than a year without paid work I finally landed a job. I was exstatic as the rent and power wolves were barking at my door and I was certain I would have escape and get something ‘down south’.(Though colleagues down there are struggling under imposed budget cuts of neo-libs).

I must have applied for at least 10 jobs with all documents thoughtfully completed where the job advertised ended up being removed due to lack of government funding. Others had their levels reduced to get more bang for the buck, which meant for me.. I was overqualified or just too old to ‘manage’.
As a social worker with years of ‘field and management experience’ I’m sure many people felt I was skiving! “How come you cant get a job here…theres lots of work in your field!” Truth is after so long and at least watching my so called ‘career’ move oh so incrementally upward, and to be honest being worn out by struggling to ’empower’ people from the ground, I realised I could do more to change things if I worked in the social policy arena… thats where I hung my hat for searching for a job. After 3+ years in the NT I had had 3 policy contracts and 2 field contracts. Again you know in this line of work, when the libs are in federally and you also have a territory or state lib govt your sector cringes and vulnerable people suffer. Additionally the gap between Corporate management and ‘workers’ grows wider, not only with salaries but with power.
Enough said.
I started a blog, I started to write a book of shorts….My book is progressing beyond the ‘hump’ of halfway and I am content that the time I took (supported by superfunds) was well worth taking and turning into a personal reflective experience.
I am a new person…..

Apart from supporting extended family(s) of refugees with no means, I have managed to survive with the help of my own family and friends (thank-you).

So now I write policy papers….I have little or no freedom to move and the opportunity for creative thought or true research and analysis is zero.

I am potently aware of this but like most of the 99%ers have to pay my own way. So am grateful to have a permanent job in what is (due to my 60yrs) my last or near last paid job.

As a female my super (now gone) was only half of that of an equivalent male graduate. But anectdotaly I am also aware that the few men who took my course went straight to well paid management roles in the cities when the women went rural and to rules with little opportunity for ‘advancement’. None would complain and the work has advanced our capacity for empathy and understanding…..we are good at what we do.

After 2 weeks back working,I miss my writing for me.

My mantra….
I will not be subsumed by what I do at ‘work’.
I refuse to be de-radicalised.
I will save myself and my sanity for potent and important issues.
I will never say I am a bureacrat. (and yes I have heard this said with laughable pride!)
I will maintain my sense of humour.
I will finish my book.
I will try to post meaningful and intersting posts.
I will maintain my rage
I will……

‘Know your Enemy’- Rage Against the Machine 1992
Know your enemy!

Come on!
Yes I know my enemies
They’re the teachers who taught me to fight me
Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission
Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite

All of which are American dreams