Renewable energy not on the radar as ‘hasbeen’ Danish sceptic gets $4 million of our precious ‘fiscal deficit’ –
Oh the horror!
I guess you get the government you deserve in our so called democracy and pollies rise and get paid to their level of incompetence?

Lets face it they all have so much to do (stroking their egos gives them no time to stay on top of critical complex issues)
Becomes a conspiracy of ignorance where it’s hard to say which one’s the most laughworthy except it just isnt funny anymore.

Does the continuum towards revolutionary thought go
Pain ……too much pain ……anger…….revolt ……….reconstruct
laugh…….laugh hysterically…….ignore as its all too painful…..be defeated…….watch what you love be destroyed…..wait till its too late
Is anything worse than neo-liberalism?
Oh sorry…… of course there is but thats just way too out there, shrouded and black ….I might get a headache and have to shut my eyes and ears so it all goes away.

Maybe of course our species has nothing sacred about it at all and nothing ‘exceptional’ other than its capacity for mass destruction and the sooner we get the job done the sooner the planet can get back to sorting out the mess we left behind.

Another great article by Binoy Kampmark.



  1. It is amazing and it shows where our government stands on climate change. The horror of it all.
    Have you also noticed this government is also keeping mum about the ‘reclaim australia’ movement? But as soon as a couple of confused teenagers are rambling on a bit about Isis, there is Abbott\s all over the news and papers pretending he is saving Australia from total annihilation..

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  2. You made me see what they were up to…..New Matilda calls it a ‘ movement of vulgar anti-intellectual bigotry’ looks like plain old racsism to me. Abbot cant see it cos thats his home turf and they would have put some votes his way….https://newmatilda.com/2015/04/17/awful-truth-what-reclaim-australia-reveals-about-our-nation
    There is so much going on with this current govt its hard to keep up….I think Abbott/Hockey/Morrison/Pyne et al are busy saving their own skins for more of the same. Heard 20 detainees moved from Darwin likely for Iran in the wake of JB’s visit too.
    Total annihilation? Time to join Murumu and the Djidinji mob around Cairns


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