“Abu Mohammed al-Golani’s Aljazeera Interview” by Aron Lund – Syria Comment


Al Nusra leader poses as Syrian ‘activist’ on Al Jazira (read Qatari hasbura) in opportunistic interview. We are diiferent, we are not IS, we are a genuine alternative….what shite.

How we found the source of the mystery signals at The Dish


Parkes explains the source of one ‘onshore’ signal, but still get media spin about aliens but an unsolved source of remaining unexplained potentially ‘offshore’ FRB’s (Fast Radio Bursts) is still to be explained.

Ben Gurion ’48 letter barred return to Haifa | Jonathan Cook’s Blog


When ‘his stories’ hasbura lies are exposed nearly 70 years later after spider webs of settlements are illegally continued with impunity, what chance for peaceful return for Palestine’s dispersed refugees?

Secret Intel Reports on Syria and Iraq Revealed | Dissident Voice


Well surprise surprise duh! FOI reveals US intel and silence. Article qustions US MO….again..duh.


Photo of my amazing uncle (in law) in Damascus in happier days.
Lucky man died of natural causes never to return to Palestine because of British lies and Zionist colonialism and before his adopted refugee home was demolished by lunatic salafists supported by Western munitions, lies and Saudi/Qatar $.

DOJ Calls Out UBS Rap Sheet; Ignores Homegrown Citigroup’s Rap Sheet


Bank felons plead guilty and get bugger all in the court….big money talks. They get bailouts….handouts and keep flaunting the system while black men get shot by the police or go to gaol for nothing but a list of unpaid traffic fines…..WTF?

Something is rotten in the United States of Democracy….JP Morgan Chase made its first million off the backs of African slave trading and nothings changed.

Citigroup gets more time to play with other people’s money…..

“I also think it’s dangerous if our government falls under the grip of a tight knit group connected to one institution. Former colleagues get access through calls and meetings; economic policy can be dominated by group think; other qualified and innovative people can be crowded out of top government positions.”

Syrian War Set to Re-Explode » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


Seamus Cooke reblogged…..spurious alliances, lies and more death and destruction. Oh sad sad Syria.

Middle East mayhem, deep Saudi pockets, and Turkish treachery.

So much for the Nakba…no care no responsibility.

I’m dreading the US elections Hilary reborn and her Israeli/Saudi mates.

Wonder what she’s done with King Abdullah’s $1/2 million necklace death gift? Not corruption he was just a ‘good friend’.

The Arab Boat | Dissident Voice


It’s 67 years ago tomorrow that the Catastrophe or Nakba happened in Palestine. Ramzy Baroud writes about the Arab experience of waves of refugees since 1948.

Memory lives on in the generations of Palestinians forcibly removed by Israel and escaping other wars they never wanted a part in. Tragedy not Spring has struck the Arab world in more recent times. Many 1948 refugees and their families are double or triple refugees now.


There is a recent apology from South Africa for the forest grown in their name to eradicate the memory of the rightful residents home village of Lubia where my husbands family hail from. Most now dead or surviving as double refugees across the globe. Many waiting for a ‘chance’ of a ‘normal’ life for the time the UNHCR finally gets around to interviewing them in their current countries of refuge. Read the article here…..


Unfree Elections – The Corporate Media, UK General Election And Predictable Outcomes


British ‘elections’ and ‘democracy’ at work – repost from media lens.
On a bus as my creativity gets bogged down by bureacracy and werk. I am captured by capitalism, rent and paying for the mistakes of US oil escapades…..agghh Have a noice day! (Surprisingly my cynicism has me in a good mood!)