The Arab Boat | Dissident Voice

It’s 67 years ago tomorrow that the Catastrophe or Nakba happened in Palestine. Ramzy Baroud writes about the Arab experience of waves of refugees since 1948.

Memory lives on in the generations of Palestinians forcibly removed by Israel and escaping other wars they never wanted a part in. Tragedy not Spring has struck the Arab world in more recent times. Many 1948 refugees and their families are double or triple refugees now.


There is a recent apology from South Africa for the forest grown in their name to eradicate the memory of the rightful residents home village of Lubia where my husbands family hail from. Most now dead or surviving as double refugees across the globe. Many waiting for a ‘chance’ of a ‘normal’ life for the time the UNHCR finally gets around to interviewing them in their current countries of refuge. Read the article here…..

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