DOJ Calls Out UBS Rap Sheet; Ignores Homegrown Citigroup’s Rap Sheet

Bank felons plead guilty and get bugger all in the court….big money talks. They get bailouts….handouts and keep flaunting the system while black men get shot by the police or go to gaol for nothing but a list of unpaid traffic fines…..WTF?

Something is rotten in the United States of Democracy….JP Morgan Chase made its first million off the backs of African slave trading and nothings changed.

Citigroup gets more time to play with other people’s money…..

“I also think it’s dangerous if our government falls under the grip of a tight knit group connected to one institution. Former colleagues get access through calls and meetings; economic policy can be dominated by group think; other qualified and innovative people can be crowded out of top government positions.”


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