Window Into Palestine: Monsanto Supplied US and Israel With Chemical Weapons According to Declassified Documents

Why is this not surprising? Monsanto is abominable.


Israel’s Arab Citizens Fight for a Roof Over their Heads | Dissident Voice

A Jonathon Cook piece that says it all…..Judaisation alive, well and the State apparatus is very very active. Homelessness? That’s the policy! Enacted and implemented in a vile racist State that we are still expected to feel sorry for.
Anti Zionist? You bet!

Zionism in the Present Tense | Gadi Algazi –

Zionism in the Present Tense

by Gadi Algazi

What happens if we consider Zionism not primarily as an ideology, but take a look at its present practices – at the allocation of power, at processes of colonization and dispossession?

A great and thoughtful read……on the ground look at activities that are more about Zionism in action than waffling on about a 2 State solution….or what’s going on at the UN- the take it and take it all now mentality.

If everyone lived in an ‘ecovillage’, the Earth would still be in trouble

“Consumerism is a gross failure of imagination, a debilitating addiction that degrades nature and doesn’t even satisfy the universal human craving for meaning.”