Window Into Palestine: Monsanto Supplied US and Israel With Chemical Weapons According to Declassified Documents

Why is this not surprising? Monsanto is abominable.


Israel’s Arab Citizens Fight for a Roof Over their Heads | Dissident Voice

A Jonathon Cook piece that says it all…..Judaisation alive, well and the State apparatus is very very active. Homelessness? That’s the policy! Enacted and implemented in a vile racist State that we are still expected to feel sorry for.
Anti Zionist? You bet!

Zionism in the Present Tense | Gadi Algazi –

Zionism in the Present Tense

by Gadi Algazi

What happens if we consider Zionism not primarily as an ideology, but take a look at its present practices – at the allocation of power, at processes of colonization and dispossession?

A great and thoughtful read……on the ground look at activities that are more about Zionism in action than waffling on about a 2 State solution….or what’s going on at the UN- the take it and take it all now mentality.

If everyone lived in an ‘ecovillage’, the Earth would still be in trouble

“Consumerism is a gross failure of imagination, a debilitating addiction that degrades nature and doesn’t even satisfy the universal human craving for meaning.”

Climate: the elephant in the room for developing northern Australia

The govt fails to acknowledge the science available.Climate change, soils and water factors ignored in push to ‘develop’ the North.

They live in a neo-con scientific vacuum.

Radical Islam and the West: the moral panic behind the threat

Good article from the Conversation by Scott Burchill at Deakin Uni.