China and Greece Wobble, Canada Dips Into Recession, Yellen Unfazed

Where are we in all of this?
US in a capitalist dream world of avatar deception led by those who  feather the nests of their big bank corporate 1% mates.
Rent – food – utilities – bank debts…..what would you drop off the list?
Homeless? – you deserve it! Vagrant!
Hungry? – use a ‘cash cow’ ? Welfare cheat!
Cold? – hang around the shopping mall (Loser! We have you on camera)
Bank debt? – How much can you pay? “Nothing, I already told you that!” So how much can you pay this fortnight? Sorry, didn’t you hear me the first time? NOTHING!

So let’s get another big bank bailout sorted using taxpayer money….because Kevin cant save us now but the landlord says “thanks for the pink batts” and Ah Butt is on leave in Avatar world.

Meanwhile we fly $$$$$$$ sorties with the US and Indonesia and the shadow people shiver in the long grass.