Window Into Palestine: Why Palestinians Fight Back: The Logic of Life and Death in Gaza



Another article from Ramzy Baroud. I ask an aside to this piece…how is UNRWA the UN agency for Palestinians in debt by over $100 million? How come the can’t get donors? Where are the debtors to the UN? Whats the point of the UN. It’s a flawed and failed anachronism  Run by the US/Israel

Check this when you speak of this debt


And for US Empire status you cant go past this map (Remember it’s 8 years old now and they have moved heavily into the ‘Pacific’ region)
Join up with Uncle Sam and see the World!

Click to access 1217uscommand.pdf

What Greece can learn from Africa about the effects of austerity after a debt crisis

I know its a long link – Ian Scoones from the Uni of Sussex on the Weekend Conversation. It was first posted here….
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