A chance for Arab-Iranian reconciliation: An opportunity in the Iran nuclear deal | Intrepid Report.com


Interesting article by Ramzy Baroud and worth a click when you read the article on Robert Fisk’s entry on The Independent.
The so called sectarian nature of the war in Syria is constantly pushed in the media – it’s all too easy. I just read a post on a group fighting in Syria who are said to be linked to Hassan Nasrallah’s Hezbollah. They are all Syrian, fighting to support their country from foreign military aggression. They are Sunni they are Shia fighting together….not new.


See not so simple …and this in a country where ordinary people have been put through dire experiences because of the power agendas of others who meddle and destroy.

Hezbollah is listed by the US and Israel as a terrorist organization, but its political branch is absent from similar blacklists in the EU. Nasrallah recently re-attributed the label back onto Israel, calling it “the root of terrorism,” and an “entity that was established by terrorist organizations.” Certainly some truth in that one. He also implicated Saudi Arabia asserting that the expanding and bloody rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the region is a false narrative built by Arab governments who are complicit in neglecting the fight against Israel. Well I have some respect for the man’s capacity to call it like it is.
Finally a post on his position in February


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