Viet Nam a Half Century Later | Dissident Voice

It wasn’t youth that gave us the impetus to oppose the war, there were other forces at work and we had a strong voice.
A greater ‘power over’ has taken the stage and corporate-government control of the ‘agenda’ now seeps into all aspects of our lives. Trickle down has been exposed and ‘cold war’ has become ‘hot peace’
TV brought the vietnam war home, independent journalism was strong and the call-up brought the war into the family.
We now have so many who are so removed from life by neo-liberal spin doctoring they say, “what war?”
They identify refugees as wanting to take away “what we have worked hard to achieve” and send them back where they came from, they want to take cheap holidays overseas and not connect with the places travelled other than in the hotel lobby, deport outspoken Aboriginals and get their tax back to buy more crap. What else will we have to listen to before we wake up and realise we’ve been duped. Comfy lives create dead people.
Wars exist, racists exist, desperately poor people exist, greed exists, fascism is alive, and some of us are awake to lies, corporate agendas and trickery.
By the way good article.

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