How to Understand Those 60 Trainees – Syria Comment

$500 mil to train 60 fighters?
Where’s the invoices? The Nusrats, FSA (False Syrian Alliance) and every other rag tag flash foreign mob funded by the US -Israeli -Saudi- Qatari- demonocracy alliance have created a refugee crisis that could well do with some funds..$500 mil?

Perhaps if France US and Turkey paid their UN debts the Refugees would get something…maybe…

How much does US pay to support Israel? Over $3billion a year. Thats $10.2mil per day in military aid alone during 2015. Gaza gets bugger all – not even a shipment of concrete to rebuild after BibiNet’s vicious annhilation  of children and civilians and continued crippling of Gaza by the illegal blockade using US money to bomb bulldoze and blast Palestinians.

Stinks eh?
Meanwhile the historical and recent reasons for the refugees remain obscured by intercept/return (to what and where?) policies our own goverment hopes will keep them in power.

An aside…..two families with five kids wait 18months for a UNHCR interview to be told a week before it is due that it has been put back….wait for it…..another 15 months to September 2016….that’s nearly 3years just to get an interview with UNHCR – visaless, homeless, and scared because tomorrow they could all be gaoled in immigration prison for wanting to stay alive. No school no work no support.

They didn’t start the war in Syria, and they didn’t cause the Nakba which forced them to leave.

Each day more people die needlessly. Now Australia has its tepid waters tested again by a man called Toe Knee Ah But?
We will bomb Syria with our mates the yanks, we will return refugees to ‘where they came from’…

If that’s the case these two families should go to Palestine! – and Brandis says it’s not occupied!

Nuff said the link at the top is a good article.