Is Islamic State threatening Jerusalem’s Christians? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

What is the source of these ‘leaflets’? Palestinians have no sound political voice…Al Yarmouk the ‘Camp’ in Damascus, was clearly trying to remain non-aligned and is now devestated by Al Nusra, FSA, IS and Hamas connected ‘groups’ all supported from outside Syria by $$$$ powers such as Saudi, Israel, US, Qatar…Chechens, fighters from Libya, Belgium, Egypt, France, UK, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, ……..
Palestinians know the price. Spread across the the globe…..They know pockets are lined. So what does the world think or more importantly do…whatever they get told to think and do it would seem.

Ban the bomb: 70 years on, the nuclear threat looms as large as ever

This article reminds us of our past….but International Laws, treaties, pollie fests and rhetoric will not bring change no matter how much academics and politicians alike rabbit on.
‘Unacceptable weaponry’….neat little term.
Israels nuclear arsenal goes unfettered while they moan and undermine ‘deals with Iran’. Is that not enough to show what a farce this UN, treaty, convention, gibberish is?
When ordinary people make a stand things change. But where are the ordinary people?
Hiroshima…..70 years on and not much is learned…

Correcting political ignorance and misperceptions | Bill Mitchell – billy blog

Bill Mitchell, a living Australian treasure, explains the things that evade economic drongos like me! (and most every Western pollie it would seem).

Julian Assange: the Untold Story of an Epic Struggle for Justice

John Pilger (leftist journalist ignored by MSM bar rebuke) on Julian Assange (the weirdo), Obama (the constitutional lawyer), Bleah (the sicophant), Sweden’s prosecutor (the wannabe legal in someone’s pocket) and media bullshit (the hegemonic hasbara).

“the US threat to Assange was a threat to all journalists, to freedom of speech, (it) was lost in the sordid and the ambitious.”

Saudi King’s French Riviera summer holiday sparks protests

The face of wealth and greed of sicophantic aspirational corporate capitalists reveals itself in this ‘holiday’.
The spark of revolutions lies in the responses….
“Where will we end up if the rich and powerful have the right to not abide by the law, under the pretext that they spend money?” But others felt differently.

A rival petition went online Sunday, gathering some 100 signatures, calling for “support for the Saudis for obvious reasons of state security and for the economic benefits.”

Both reported elements of the petitions miss the point.

Veterans Today  head their article above, “The Screams of Bombing Victims Never Reach the the Cote d’ Azur”– they also report a critical element of the petition opposing this obscenity

‘Jean-Noel Falcou, who had launched the petition, said, “We cannot accept that there is one law for the rich and powerful and one law for everyone else.”

More to the point!

AFTERTHOUGHT: I wonder if Bronwyn Bishop is going under the rationale that she is assisting Australian /Arab relations in the public interest?

A chance for Arab-Iranian reconciliation: An opportunity in the Iran nuclear deal | Intrepid

Interesting article by Ramzy Baroud and worth a click when you read the article on Robert Fisk’s entry on The Independent.
The so called sectarian nature of the war in Syria is constantly pushed in the media – it’s all too easy. I just read a post on a group fighting in Syria who are said to be linked to Hassan Nasrallah’s Hezbollah. They are all Syrian, fighting to support their country from foreign military aggression. They are Sunni they are Shia fighting together….not new.

See not so simple …and this in a country where ordinary people have been put through dire experiences because of the power agendas of others who meddle and destroy.

Hezbollah is listed by the US and Israel as a terrorist organization, but its political branch is absent from similar blacklists in the EU. Nasrallah recently re-attributed the label back onto Israel, calling it “the root of terrorism,” and an “entity that was established by terrorist organizations.” Certainly some truth in that one. He also implicated Saudi Arabia asserting that the expanding and bloody rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the region is a false narrative built by Arab governments who are complicit in neglecting the fight against Israel. Well I have some respect for the man’s capacity to call it like it is.
Finally a post on his position in February

Viet Nam a Half Century Later | Dissident Voice

It wasn’t youth that gave us the impetus to oppose the war, there were other forces at work and we had a strong voice.
A greater ‘power over’ has taken the stage and corporate-government control of the ‘agenda’ now seeps into all aspects of our lives. Trickle down has been exposed and ‘cold war’ has become ‘hot peace’
TV brought the vietnam war home, independent journalism was strong and the call-up brought the war into the family.
We now have so many who are so removed from life by neo-liberal spin doctoring they say, “what war?”
They identify refugees as wanting to take away “what we have worked hard to achieve” and send them back where they came from, they want to take cheap holidays overseas and not connect with the places travelled other than in the hotel lobby, deport outspoken Aboriginals and get their tax back to buy more crap. What else will we have to listen to before we wake up and realise we’ve been duped. Comfy lives create dead people.
Wars exist, racists exist, desperately poor people exist, greed exists, fascism is alive, and some of us are awake to lies, corporate agendas and trickery.
By the way good article.