A Philosophical Dialogue (That May Or May Not Have Something To Do With Recent Events)


Two women bake cakes to send money to UNICEF, a gentle and kind but misguided colleague considers adopting Syrian children because she cares and hasn’t slept since she saw Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach. She feels powerless to stop war even when our government is dogwhistling about bombing Syria and silent on our troops already ‘flying’ drones that kill civilians in Syria.
War Pigs rule.
This is Powelessness in so called Democracy……

To those with the power ……

Justify yourself!


Regime Change Refugees: On the Shores of Europe


“Bombs are borderless. But war refugees must stand in queues and be held in concentration camps. They are not allowed freedom of movement”.

Vijay Prashad – Counterpunch

And this, by Bill van Auken on the Greanville Post.

Any serious consideration of what lies behind the surge of refugees into Europe leads to the inescapable conclusion that it constitutes not only a tragedy but a crime. More precisely, it is the tragic byproduct of a criminal policy of aggressive wars and regime change interventions pursued uninterruptedly by US imperialism, with the aid and complicity of its Western European allies, over the course of nearly a quarter century.

Who is responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe?

Combine these articles with the concept that is raised by Brenè Brown that only by recognising our own vulnerabilty can we begin to empathise with someone elses suffering.

We have to stop believing the excuses of the harsh invulnerable corporate warmongers and stop voting these little people into power. We are all refugees.
First we called them economic refugees and our judges said there was no humanitarian concerns in their country of origin
Then we called them terrorists and their countries of origin the axis of evil
Then we invaded bombed and brought about regime change
What WMDs?
Then we turned the boats back because we didn’t want them to drown
And through all of this we absorbed all the crap we were fed by peace loving concerned religious polititians who only have the country’s best interests at heart.