Timor-Leste initiates arbitration proceedings under the Timor Sea Treaty « Government of Timor-Leste


Yesterday…..The Timor Sea Treaty Australia and ‘a fair go’..
Australia’s recent history on the matter has said no to a fair treaty.


Brandis as Ned Kelly from the George Brandis ‘Live Art’ site on Facebook.

Will changes in Australian leadership and reinitiation of Treaty see progress in the sea boundary to help raise Timor Leste from poverty or will the continuation of Brandis and Bishop with no alternative view from labour see talks fail to produce a fair outcome or worse, failure to even conciliate?

Ramos-Horto weighs in today…..


“I am convinced, being Australia a true friend of Timor-Leste, and being Australians known as very fair-minded, if we sit down and talk quietly and patiently, as neighbours and friends, who shed blood for each other in our history, we can work out a much improved Maritime Agreement and one that not only encompasses oil and gas revenues but that also covers maritime security”

Good luck Josè!

I like the maritime security bit thrown in as a timely topic but what will that mean for Timor….warehousing and holding of maritime refugees? Who knows, been raised before. Lets just see again how ‘fair’ our pollies are.

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