A Game of Dice With Russia: “Do You Realize What You Have Done?”


Clever tactics and discourse Let’s join like we did against Hitler and not ISIS per se but Da’esh. The word understood as country or state dowleh…. islamic aslam then (i and e transposable as ein  ع the eighteenth letter of the arabic language  Iraq and sham or Levant Iraq and the Sham….
We have ISIS…they even cant determine what to call them in MSM…or western governments. Notice Julie Bishops change to DASH from Abbott’s ‘death cult’ and ISIS as she manouvers her chatter to Assad can stay…. for now.
Read this from Reuters

Russian bombs start on Homs and Hama


Moderates? Trained by CIA? “You’re bombing our guys!” Because…they are Da’esh. Nusrats.

Lets see when Syrians (and indeed Palestinians from Syria) feel ok to return to visit their dead and the rubble of their homes.


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