Closing down FOI: a case study in sneaky government

“Three decades of FOI gains reversed in two years”. Brandis the spearhead and he has stayed as AG in the wake of Ah Butt’s removal.

What future for government transparency? Under the Libs? Not looking promising Is this aspect of government not the most critical in a so called democracy?

Watched Nixon’s (et al) Watergate shuffle and crazy run from the truth of his role, his shifty game finally exposed……somehow think the cards are more stacked against truth since ‘terror’ became the reason for telling us zilch and chasing the ‘truthers’. The anti terror walls seem to support illegal acts of government these days….supported by lawyers in politics- lets just simply make disclosure and transparency empty words by legislating to make them impossible.
Strange times. Dangerous power.

Is Turnbull different?
“We need to be truly consultative with colleagues, members of parliament, senators and the wider public. We need an open government, an open government that recognises that there is an enormous sum of wisdom both within our colleagues in this building and, of course, further afield.”

Not with Brandis as AG! He’s shown his allegiance.

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