(26) Palestine’s Wound | Hatem Bazian – Academia.edu


Great paper by Dr Hatem Bazian, particularly in the light of the continuing and highly frustrating false MSM narrative around Israel’s protection from Palestinian violence while aparthied is alive and well in occupied Palestine. Israeli settler violence is ignored, indeed illegal settlements are supported and with silence from the West as Israeli Offence Forces continue to ‘neutralise’ (read murder) both Palestinian lives and truth.

The prisons, checkpoints, settlements, bypass roads, color-coding and Apartheid Wall are symbols of bankruptcy of thought and spirit, of a colonial occupation that is following the brutal logic of its European predecessors that failed to crush a people’s spirit.  When emptiness of thought and brute force becomes the only logic supporting a colonial enterprise then the failure and collapse is a forgone conclusion.  While the violence is difficult and exerting a heavy daily tool on people’s lives, nevertheless, Israel has not succeeded in crushing the Palestinian spirit and it will never be able to do so.  How to respond and end the ongoing brutalization of the Palestinians should be the only focus of conversations and discussions!  Gone are the days of approaching Palestine with a symmetry lens that equates between occupiers and occupied while asserting a call for equality of narrative between the sadistic torturer and its tortured prisoners.


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