Saudi Wahhabi leaders see Turkish threat over caliphate – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

An old post but we would do well to recognise the power and money behind Wahabi and Salafist agendas in Saudi and Turkey…..and take careful note of the so called ‘friends’ who entertain them to advance their own agendas.

People’s daily lives and the possibilities of any life is threatened under an ISM or IST agenda (yes that includes Capitalism and Zionist) as people are pawns, slaughtered or enslaved by the powerful who send weaponry and money to support the mercenaries of their foul agendas.

News on Friday.. .

This proposal won’t stand. Not here. Not now. Not this time.

Adrian Burragubba, for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Representitive Council

The Queensland Government is moving to forcibly extinguish our Native Title so Adani can build it’s coal mine on our land.

They are ready to walk all over our internationally sanctioned rights. They want to tear the heart out of our country for profit and greed.

We will fight this. We always do. But in a moment like this, we need all the help we can get.

Can you please email Queensland Premier Palaszczuk and the Mines Minister Anthony Lynham right now? Just copy these email addresses into a new email and tell them to throw out the proposal from the Coordinator General to extinguish Wangan and Jaglingou’s native title rights for Adani’s benefit.

This proposal would drag back Aboriginal rights in Queensland 30 years. We need them to change their mind before they extinguish our rights forever.

Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake

More from Ramzy Baroud.
An interesting aside…. two of my blogposts from the earliest times of ISIS, Da’esh ‘death cult’ intrusions through MSM propoganda into our minds and lives have been most read. From all points on the globe – not big numbers but it shows how an agenda can dominate- It makes me somewhat sad. But it is interesting.

Read Ramzy…..and ponder on humanity’s ‘leaders’.

PS. I am an earthling whose emails have been hacked by some other earthling from a place on this planet called New Mexico. It is in the US of A, not China or Nth Korea and pushes gambling in a world that has succumbed to greed.
It is hard to stay hopeful for this planet’s future with humans believing they are in charge.
A true democracy would allow me to vote for a wombat, a wedgetail or a whale….or indeed not to vote at all (it only encourages them). Certainly not to fine me for not voting for dickheads.
Have a great life!

The Paris Attacks: a Chronicle Foretold | The Greanville Post • Vol. IX

The numbers of dead and the tales of planned violent escalation goes unreported behind the mask western governments wear. Silence and redacted reporting fuels racism and refugee hatred while furthering the cause of capitalist greed.