The Saudi Prince and Two Tons of Narcotics | The Greanville Post • Vol. IX

House of Saud……. funders of fundamentalists, purveyors of puritanism, and demons of debauchery.
With impressively long names…
Like this one, Saudi Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Saudi Prince: hey wait, I’ve got diplomatic immunity!

Beirut Security Guard: But your baggage hasn’t!

An amazing quantity of two tons of Captagon amphetamine pills, the purported drug fueling Nusrats and friends in IS.
See here;

And here;

The drug bust alone would be penalised by public beheading or firing squad in his patch (not princes of course) and many have died in such ways for much less.

The funder of terror is where now? In Lebanon where his ‘cousin’ Saad is trying to act like his father (?) Rafik. See previous post,

Wonder what Saad Hariri is doing with the money the Sauds gave him to fight drugs!

Oh yes….maybe this (courtesy of wikileaks..)

“Patronage aside, guests saw Saad Hariri as no match for Nasrallah politically. The Hizballah leader took advantage of the young, reluctant politician’s inexperience and seemingly weak personality. In an aside with the Ambassador, Sheikh Michel also expressed concern about the possibility that Hariri’s judgment might be impeded by some kind of narcotic addiction. He understood that Hariri had used drugs as an undergraduate at Georgetown University to the extent that it seriously impaired his studies. He wondered whether Hariri had ever actually quit. (Comment: If so, this might explain some of the personality traits that we have noticed in our interaction with Hariri, such as a very short attention span. End Comment.)”

Strange world, I’m sure I really meant to catch a different bus to another kind of mortality.


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