Outrage at Paris attacks masks our racism | Jonathan Cook’s Blog


After all, what drives our selective outrage if not selective compassion? But our selective compassion is what got us into this mess in the first place. As Europeans we have always viewed ourselves as fully human, but seen those in the Middle East and much of the rest of the world as slightly less than human, and not quite as deserving of our sympathy. It is such feelings that allowed Europe to colonise, abuse and exploit brown peoplr in the first place.
Jonathan Cook.

Reflection on selective compassion: I did identify somewhat more with this but not due to what country or what colour but because I know so many young people who identify a lifestyle and a sound with the Bataclan concert bands,

Many, like the now dead,  because they are falsely identified by whoever as legitimate targets…for what? Yes educated in a priveledged society, but many unemployed, aware of their colonial history of oppression and dispossession.

Many who see the barefaced lies of MSM, who opposed Bush’s duality of good and evil, his Iraq falsehood, who see their own country and the US and their ‘alies’, the corporate war machine complicit in State terror. They understand corporate terror like the TPP, and the war machine mercenaries of death, for what they are and they cannot support any of it. They act daily in small ways identifying and confronting the ignorance of racist rants and extremist  cliche, eyes open, minds open, hearts open.

They have internet, they know their place of historical and current priveledge in a world of greed lines,  false flags and lies- mostly, they don’t hate anyone. They are prepared to confront all this to build a more tolerant and peaceful world.


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