Disproportionate coverage of Paris attacks is not just the media’s fault


On the reporting of Paris and the lack of it on Beirut, African atrocities et al. This article is worth a read, but no mention of how many ‘news’ journalists simply print government line ‘press releases’ with no analysis.

The metrics on what happens when a ‘story’ reports a murder then the follow-up reports indigenous players reveals so much.

This means the audience and the journo’s are dumbed down. So where is the responsibility for the created socio-cultural and religious concept that there are ‘people like us’ and others who are not worth a thought?


Hayabusa snapped this image of Earth during its flyby on May 18, 2004 at 15:00 UTC. Four of Earth's continents are clearly visible -- North America at left, South America at the bottom, Africa on the right, and eastern Europe above it.

We are all creatures of this universe.
I say that with respect to other creatures and other life forms as the next ‘frontier’ opens to colonisation and dispossession.

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