Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake

More from Ramzy Baroud.
An interesting aside…. two of my blogposts from the earliest times of ISIS, Da’esh ‘death cult’ intrusions through MSM propoganda into our minds and lives have been most read. From all points on the globe – not big numbers but it shows how an agenda can dominate- It makes me somewhat sad. But it is interesting.

Read Ramzy…..and ponder on humanity’s ‘leaders’.

PS. I am an earthling whose emails have been hacked by some other earthling from a place on this planet called New Mexico. It is in the US of A, not China or Nth Korea and pushes gambling in a world that has succumbed to greed.
It is hard to stay hopeful for this planet’s future with humans believing they are in charge.
A true democracy would allow me to vote for a wombat, a wedgetail or a whale….or indeed not to vote at all (it only encourages them). Certainly not to fine me for not voting for dickheads.
Have a great life!


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