Are Turkey, Saudi Arabia pressuring Jordan on terror blacklist? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

How ludicrous is this one and what will the Nusrats do?

Surely, even if they change their spots to seek some kind of ‘acceptability’ by renouncing any links to al-Qaeda under these ridiculous rules related to “efforts to launch negotiations between the Syrian regime and the so-called moderate opposition early next year”, they cannot be considered ‘moderate’ nor Syrian ‘opposition’.


No source on this I have saved it to my computer some time ago so sincere apologies to the clever person who thought of the title

That’s like calling ……a gang of illegal US backpacking, M16 toting, fundamentalist Christian, anti-abortionist, bring back the death penalty supporting, murderous serial killer, fruitpickers without visa’s……… a legitimate political opposition in Australia.

Good luck Jordan….short straw? Or someone out there pulling your strings?

Above: Nusrats ‘liberating’ (yeah sure) Yarmouk, Damascus Palestinian Camp (before they opened the roadblocks to their IS ‘cousins’)