The Tip of a Bloody Iceberg: Colombian Mercenaries in Yemen

So lets see how my last few posts join up…….
Couldn’t believe this post landed in my inbox. The serendipidy and synchronicity of subterfuge.

I ask why would the Saudi’s not buy Columbian mercenary forces to do their dirty work?
Maybe, just maybe an old  ‘friend’ recommended them? Blackwater, a UAE prince, it reads like a fantasy tale…..but wait, there’s more….
“The Colombian mercenaries will be joining military forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) engaged in Yemen as part of a Saudi-led coalition now fighting to restore Sunni rule to that distraught nation. They will receive a pension and also UAE citizenship, along with family members. If they die in combat, their children will go to university free.”

So what do the Saudi offer IS? More than virgins in death you can bet. And what do the US offer the Saudis? What do Aussies offer Emiratis? Well my posts some time ago spoke of Darwins joint air operation -“black night” – Dots dots and more bloody dots. Read on ……

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